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Bromley Man Guilty of Sexually Abusing Child

This story has been updated to include information that jury sentenced Jeremy Breeden to life in prison on top of two consecutive ten-year terms. The life sentence was left out of the previous version. RCN regrets the error.

A Bromley man was convicted and received a recommendation of life and two ten-year consecutive prison terms from a Kenton County jury on Thursday.

Jeremy C. Breeden was convicted by the jury on charges of first degree sodomy and two counts of first degree sexual abuse, all involving a child under 12 years of age.

The jury recommended its sentence after only ten minutes of deliberations.

Breeden's trial lasted only two days, with Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders calling the child victim and the child's mother to the stand, the only witnesses to testify for the prosecution.

The child testified that while spending the night at Breeden's Bromley home, Breeden entered the room where the child was in bed and began to perform oral sex on the child. The child stated that Breeden also put the child's hand on the man's penis, and tongue-kissed the child. The child also described to the mother a previous occasion when Breeden touched the child’s genitals with his fingers while claiming he was performing a "test" on the child.

At first, the child didn't disclose the abuse to anyone, but a few weeks later, told the mother.

The mother confronted Breeden via text message, with Breeden initially denying the allegations, but then changing his words, the mother testified.

The Park Hills Police Department, which serves the City of Bromley, began an investigation.

A review of the text messages between Breeden and the mother showed incriminating references to subjects such as apologizing to the child, healing the child, and rebuilding the child's trust, Sanders said. 

Breeden's defense called no witnesses, though Breeden took the stand.

“Jeremy Breeden’s own attempts to talk the child’s mother out of calling the police ultimately secured his conviction,” said Sanders. “The defendant smugly thought his words would convince this mother not to turn him in, but he thought very wrong because she was a ferocious advocate for her baby as every good mother should be.”

The child is now 9-years old. Sanders applauded the child for having the courage to take the stand.

“This child was brave as brave as the child was honest, and just a fantastic witness,” said Sanders.

Kenton Circuit Judge Patricia Summe, who presided over the trial, will impose formal, final sentencing at a hearing to be scheduled in May. Under Kentucky law, even life sentences are eligible for parole after twenty years. If Breeden is ever released, he must register as a sex offender and remain on parole for life.

-Staff report