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Lakeside Presbyterian Chooses Female Head of Staff

This story has been updated to clarify that Lakeside has had previously and currently has female pastors, but that Ross-Zimmerman is the first female pastor to serve as head-of-staff. The church sent a clarification after its initial release went out with the previous wording.

For the first time, Lakeside Presbyterian Church has a female pastor set to serve as head of staff.

The congregation spent more than a year searching for its next leader, and found her in Nancy Ross-Zimmerman.

More than a hundred candidates were reviewed in the nationwide search, a news release said.

"...the selection of Mrs. Ross-Zimmerman to lead this congregation for years to come received overwhelming approval at a recent candidacy Sunday at which members were asked to vote on her selection," the news release said.

Ross-Zimmerman will host her first service at the Lakeside Park church on Sunday, May 12.

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