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Cincinnati Children's Bringing Pint of Science to Covington

Cincinnati Children's Hospital is bringing the Pint of Science Festival to Covington later this month.

This will be one of the first stops of the new national tour.

“We thought people might like to know more about what we do and what’s going on in those shiny research towers,” says Helen Jones, PhD, a researcher at Cincinnati Children’s who is organizing the local event. “Think informal but informative.”

The Pint of Science event began in a pub in London in 2013, and has since expanded to more than 300 cities in 24 nations. This year, nine U.S. cities will join in: Cincinnati (Covington), Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Denver, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Winston-Salem, NC, and Portsmouth, NH.

The Cincinnati event will involve three discussions, with two speakers each evening, to begin at 7 p.m. nightly at Mac’s Pizza Pub (604 Main Street, Covington). Talks will last about 20 minutes, with plenty of time for questions.

Show up and you will learn much more about what goes on during the first 1,000 days of human life, from prenatal development to infancy.

Jones is an expert on all things placenta who leads the Center for Fetal and Placental Research at Cincinnati Children’s. She was born in England, educated in Scotland, and has been a faculty scientist at Cincinnati Children’s since 2009.

After learning about the Pint for Science event from colleagues in Europe, Jones says she thought bringing the event to the United States would be an enjoyable, accessible way to expose more adults to the often-hidden world of science.  

And what better way to kick things off than to discuss what really goes on during pregnancy and fetal development? And what scientists are doing to help prevent things from going wrong?

“We’d like people to know that the basic scientists in Cincinnati are not just doing blue sky science. We’re searching for real therapeutics for real life situations where none currently exist.” Jones says.

Admission is $5. Seating is limited. For reservations go to:

-Staff report

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