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Dayton Secures Grant to Improve Bus Waiting Areas

The City of Dayton was awarded a $125,000 state grant to improve public transportation infrastructure.

The $157,000 project will cost the city about a $32,000 contribution.

The city's economic development manager Bob Yoder told The River City News that the bulk of the focus will be on improving the experience of TANK bus riders on the #12 route, while also addressing littering and bike racks.

"Currently, if you work in the industrial park and you take public transportation, you basically have to stand in the mud in the winter, so we're putting in a concrete pad and a bus shelter there so that at least they can stay out of the weather," Yoder said.

The plan also calls for new street lights. Six new lights will be installed along the bus route.

Sharrows, used to warn car drivers that the road can be shared by bicyclists, will also be installed in places. Benches, trash cans, bike racks, and other amenities will also be added to some bus stop areas.

"We're trying in the City of Dayton to make public and non-vehicle transportation better, that's what the goal is," Yoder said.

Right now, there are very few benches at bus stops in Dayton, leaving TANK riders to stand.

"We have a lot of people who use TANK bus number twelve, and they are just standing around or sitting on a stoop," he said.

The plan calls for three new bus shelters.

Yoder said the city also struggles with litter near bus stops, particularly with cigarette butts, so a butt receptacle is in the plans, too.

The money is not at the city building yet. Yoder said the city is still waiting for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to finalize the deal.

"I hope between this summer and this winter, we can sign all the (memorandum of understanding)," Yoder said. "I hope to be able to put it out to bid by the end of this year or early next year."

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher