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No Waffle House in Bellevue this Year, it Appears

The Waffle House location planned for Bellevue likely won't happen this year.

That was the message from city administrator Frank Warnock who reported on the matter at Wednesday night's city council meeting.

He said he is frequently asked about the project.

"There is no solid time frame for construction in Bellevue," Warnock said, noting a correspondence he received from Waffle House's corporate representative. "It will most likely be next year towards the spring of 2020."

The project was first announced in 2017, and is slated to be built where a shuttered car wash now stands on Donnermeyer Drive in front of the city's Kroger store. 

In March, Campbell County zoning director Cindy Minter, whose department now handles planning and zoning issues for the City of Bellevue after a decision last year to move that work outside the city building, said that Waffle House's plans for the site have been approved by her department, and they are waiting on the restaurant chain to pick up the approvals.

Waffle House had sought an easement from Kroger in order to share access to the parking area rather than installing a new curb cut. Kroger rejected that proposal, The River City News reported in March.

Kroger had previously been rejected by the city in its quest to build a gas station on the same site.

"It's still on the table," Warnock said of the Waffle House project, "but not as quickly as some folks would like it to be."

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Car wash site where Waffle House plans to build in Bellevue (RCN file)