9-Year Old Stabbed in Machete Attack, Man Arrested

A 9-year old child was stabbed in Covington late Friday night and now a man is behind bars.

Covington Police said it happened at around 9 p.m. at 11th Street and Hermes Avenue where Father Hanses Park is located. 

According to witnesses, three children, ages 9, 13, and 16, tried to run away when they spotted a man waving a machete and hitting it against the ground. The 9-year old boy was unable to keep up with the teens, and the man was able to catch up to him, striking the boy with the machete and causing a laceration in the boy's back measured to be three inches deep and two inches long.

Esteban Portugues, 35, was identified by the victim and located at 641 Eleventh Street where officers also say they found a machete in the suspect's room. Two other men with Portugues were reported to have had knives on them, but no other arrests were made.

Police say they obtained video that shows Portugues prior to the assault with a machete in his hand.

Portugues is charged with second degree assault and is being held without bond at the Kenton County Detention Center. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday morning in Kenton District Court.

Police said no further charges are expected.

-Staff report