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NKY Father & Daughter Release New Book

A Northern Kentucky family of authors is back with a new book written by father and daughter Robert and Lauren Hudson.

It Can Be Done: Students Leading an Exceptional America was released by Headline Books, Inc.

The Hudsons signed copies of the new book over the weekend at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Crestview Hills.

Part-fiction, but mostly true, as the book is described in an announcement, It Can Be Done follows two characters, Dee and Cathy, as they meet in college, get married, and raise a family, while dealing with ordinary, and sometimes extraordinary challenges. The main characters are based on Robert’s real-life parents and Lauren’s grandparents.

“We wanted to write a book that explains how, by applying conservative principles in all areas of life, you can increase your chances of having a successful future,” said Lauren Hudson.

“We write about fifteen principles that can lead to exceptionalism for the reader and for America,” Robert Hudson said. “The principles are hope, education, integrity, lifetime partnerships, work ethic, valuing family, connecting with community, respecting faith, avoiding debt, courage, honesty, competition, charity, freedom, and patriotism. We call them Pillars of Exceptionalism.”

The book comes from a conservative viewpoint, but the authors say it avoids partisan politics, focusing instead on actions and attitudes that can be applied to virtually everyone’s life, regardless of their personal political views

“Just about everyone can agree that hard work is important,” Robert Hudson said. “Even some of the principles that might seem open to debate, are really universal. When we write about respecting faith, we are not trying to tell readers to believe a certain way; just suggesting that it is important to respect how other people believe, or don’t believe.”

The book deals with basic issues that everyone can relate to," Lauren Hudson said. "When we write about avoiding debt, we address personal debt, national debt, and how different types of debt can be a problem at a personal level of for the country.” 

It Can Be Done is Lauren Hudson’s fourth book overall, and her second semi-nonfiction book with her father. The Dixie Heights High School grad is the author of two award-winning young adult (YA) novels, The Ascension and The Deception, as well as Our Best Tomorrow: Students Teaching Capitalism to America, which she wrote at age 13 with her father. That one was aimed at teaching elementary and middle school students the basics of economics, through a series of short stories and commentary. As with the first book, Lauren wrote the narrative portions of It Can Be Done, while Robert wrote much of the observational text.

“Lauren is better at writing stories in a way that is more entertaining,” Robert Hudson said. "As an older person with more business experience, I was happy to write some of the analysis for the stories and to play second fiddle to a gifted young author.”

Now 19 years old, Lauren Hudson will soon begin her sophomore year at the University of Kentucky where she is majoring in biology. Robert Hudson is an attorney with Frost Brown Todd LLC, focusing primarily on labor and employment law.

-Staff report