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Ludlow Teachers Could See a Raise, District to Get New Positions

Ludlow Independent Schools teachers will see a raise if the district's tentative budget is adopted.

Superintendent Michael Borchers told the board of education last week that his proposed budget, which must be completed by May 31, includes a 1 percent raise in addition to the regular step grade for teachers.

The $6 million budget also includes the addition of an elementary school counselor and special education teacher, and a school credit recovery teacher, who will keep track of student credits at the high school and for students who are dually enrolled in college courses.

The board approved the tentative budget.

Superintendent Borchers also told the board that the district received a .72 mod rating by the insurance company, adding that any number under 1.0 is excellent. So the rate that the district paid last year for liability and workman's comp insurance was $67,938, and this year the rate will only go up $615, to equal $68,553. The board approved the insurance rate.

The board also approved the creation of a chief information officer position, created from a reorganization. The position has been filled from within the district.

Borchers also met with the Kenton County Airport Board which agreed to grant access to the airport's job board so that high school students can see opportunities for co-ops.

In other news from the district, Mary A. Goetz Elementary principal Jason Steffen earned his educational doctorate from Cumberland.

Steffen and the board also praised college and career coordinator Jenny McMillen for helping out with testing.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor