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New Program Gives Job Experience in Logistics to Dayton Students


Dayton Independent Schools and other River City school districts are part of a new program related to logistics.

Gateway Community & Technical College is hosting the program with forty-eight spots for students, three of whom are from Dayton.

The students, who are required to be seniors, have to take supply chain management and digital literacy courses, but they will no longer be taking classes during the day. Instead they will be going directly to a co-op at different businesses. The students who are enrolled will reportedly get a dollar more an hour than regular workers not in the program.

Superintendent Jay Brewer likes the program.

"I like that it is getting students out of the Dayton bubble," he said. "There is huge growth at the airport, and there are great opportunities for students who want to work hard and have a positive attitude."

The goal is to have six to eight students who are interested next year.   

Brewer said it gives students three different options: Gateway, the Area Technical Center in Campbell County, and the new logistics program.

In other news, the board of education approved the addition of a new position to the district. The dean of students was a position at the district nearly a decade ago but was eliminated in favor of counselors.

The district is bringing it back to address students dealing with difficult personal situations. The dean will be in charge of student engagement, particularly in the area of discipline.

The high school will have a new principal for next year. Ryan Kellinghaus, the current principal, told the district he will return to the classroom as a teacher in another district, so Assistant Principal Scott Meyers will take over officially as principal.

The board also approved the tentative budget of $12 million. The contingency fund is 14.7 percent. The working budget is approved in September.

The board approved the Capital Funds request in the amount of $10,657 to be used to replace that amount used last August for the new locks at Lincoln Elementary. The remaining funds of $31,966 will have to be placed in escrow on June 30 as per state regulations for future building projects.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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