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Local Man's YouTube Documentary Series Aims to Help Addicts

He ends each episode with the phrase, “There is hope!”

That’s what Shane Reinert wants his documentary, The Addiction Series, to give to those impacted by addiction.

“I want to save lives and help people stay clean,” he said.

Reinert has produced, edited and directed the series since 2016. He started the series because he was hearing so much about the heroin epidemic and addiction, but there seemed to be no sharing of recovery stories.

The Addiction Series introduces former addicts who struggled with drug and alcohol in a candid interview. The scene involves the individual simply sitting in a chair, looking into the camera and sharing their story with the world their story. The conversation covers how their addiction began, the toll it’s taken on their lives and their recovery.

“The diversity of the people is so amazing,” Reinert said. “There are so many people from so many different walks of life battling addiction.”

Reinert said he can’t choose a favorite story. He is inspired by them all in some way.

The YouTube and Facebook platform documentary has reached 217 countries, with more than a million views since its debut. The 59-episode series features people from 10 states – nine from Northern Kentucky.

“It's tremendous,” he said. “I never would have guessed that after 18 years in video production that this would reach beyond all my other projects and help so many people.”

Reinert has received calls from viewers across the country telling him how the series has impacted their lives and recovery journey.

Reinert, a Cincinnati native and Ohio Media School Alumnus has 18 years of video and editing experience. He resides in Clermont County with his wife, RCN contributor Melissa Reinert, and two sons.

-Staff report

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