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Ludlow Vets to Update City's War Memorial with Names from Other Conflicts

The Ludlow Vets have kicked-off a fundraising drive to add the names to the city’s war memorial of the men and women that served in the armed services during Vietnam, Korea and World War I.

United States Congressman Thomas Massie assisted in the kickoff by being the keynote speaker at the annual Ludlow/Bromley Memorial Day parade.

Ludlow’s war memorial contains the names of all the men and women from the city that served during World War II. Listed in alphabetical order, the monument also contains a separate listing of those that died during their service. Originally located at the western end of Ludlow, the memorial was moved to the city’s main park following the demolition of the American Legion hall.

Recently, the Ludlow Vets began investigating the idea of expanding the names on the memorial beyond veterans from World War II. “The Greatest Generation is respectfully represented on the memorial,” said Ludlow Vets president Dale “Tony” Meier. “We just thought it was time to recognize others from Ludlow that have served. We decided to start with Vietnam era veterans, and then realized there was still enough space left on the memorial to include names from World War I and Korea, too.”

The project will cost about $3,500 and funds are being raised through private contributions. Any funds raised in excess of what is needed for the names will be used to refurbish the grounds around the Memorial. If you are interested in contributing, donation jars have been placed at the following businesses: Hater’s Dry Goods, 2nd Sight, Bircus Brewing Company, Folk School Coffee Parlor, Reeve’s Produce, Ideal Supplies, and River Ratz Tattoo Parlor.

Additionally, you can contribute on-line via a GoFundMe link.

Any person contributing more than $25 will receive a complimentary print by artist Tom Gaither commemorating the city’s history.

Along with funding the project, the Ludlow Vets are seeking the names of all veterans from Ludlow that served during Vietnam, Korea and World War I. If you know someone that should be added to the list of names to be included on the memorial, please contact Meier at [email protected].

Written by Rick Robinson, RCN contributor

Photo by Caitlyn Baxley (provided)