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The Cov Doesn't Suck: New Anti-Straw Campaign in City

Local activists have estimated that more than 61,000 single-use plastic straws are used in Covington each day.

That number came from the national estimate that 500 million such straws are used each day.

Sentiments towards single-use straws is evolving, namely because they typically don't biodegrade naturally in the environment and are often impossible to recycle.

Keep Covington Beautiful is teaming up with Covington restaurants, bars, and citizens to launch The Cov Doesn't Suck, a campaign against single-use plastic straws.

Some of the establishments have eliminated the straws altogether, on their own. 

When you visit one of these bars or restaurants you may not be given a straw in your drink. Many will provide a straw – metal, paper, or plastic, if necessary – only on request.

A few of the establishments already on board are Frida 602, Otto’s, Crafts & Vines, The Gruff, Bouquet, Rich’s Proper Food and Drink, Hotel Covington, Molly Malone’s, Roebling Point Books & Coffee, Peppe Cucina, and Lil’s Bagels.

Posters have been created to help explain the effort.

-Staff report

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