Elsmere Police Launch New Contact System Designed for Seniors

The Elsmere Police Department announced a new initiative that it hopes will help keep tabs on the city's senior citizens, who may need to be checked up on more frequently.

The Are You OK? (RUOK) Senior Program is an automated telephone reassurance system that contacts subscribers each day. The service is free for Elsmere residents.

Participants are briefly interviewed for the collection of basic contact information for friends, family, physicians, and clergy.  At a time chosen by the participant, RUOK calls once a day. Upon answering, a pre-recorded message is played. The system will call back later if there is no answer or the line is busy.

After three attempts if the system is unable to reach the participant, an alert is sent to Elsmere Police who will then call. If the resident still isn't reached,, an officer will be sent to check on them. If the resident doesn’t answer the door, the officer will call the listed emergency contact person and have them respond with a key.

“This program easily adjusts to changes in the resident’s routine such as vacations and medical appointments,” said Elsmere Police Chief Steven Bohman. “We are hoping our senior citizens take advantage of this latest development in the partnership between the Elsmere Police Department and the community. We definitely believe this program will improve the quality of life for our seniors.”

To participate in the program call the Elsmere Police Department Records Section at 859.342.7344 and an officer will set up a time to conduct a brief interview.

-Staff report