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Bellevue Superintendent Gets Perfect Evaluation; School Entrance Work Continues

The Bellevue Board of Education presented its evaluation of Superintendent Robb Smith at last week's meeting.

Each year, there are seven categories on which superintendents are judged: strategic leadership, instructional leadership, cultural leadership, human resources leadership, managerial leadership, collaborative leadership, and influential leadership.

In each of those categories, there are four grades that can be assigned: exemplary, accomplished, developing, and growth required.

Robb Smith was given an exemplary grade in all seven categories, a perfect score.

"I am proud to be the superintendent of an inclusive community school district," said Smith. "My evaluation is the result of the outstanding team of educators we have assembled. Our teaching staff is second to none. Without them, none of our successes would have been possible. However, we will not rest. Big things are coming to Bellevue."

In other news, an update was offered on the construction project at the entrance to Bellevue High School. The district is working to improve accessibility.

Architect Joseph Hayes, of Robert Ehmet Hyes and Associates, said that crews found some sandy soil in the front, which will not support the anticipated weight of the project, so the project was adjusted to include the pouring of concrete about sixty yards to one side of the entrance, and forty yards on the other side.

The total cost for that portion was about $25,000, and the project is still within its overall budget.

Hayes told the board they are still on schedule to complete the project by August 1.

Superintendent Smith announced that Jim Seward will be the new district technological coordinator.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Photo: Construction work continues at the entrance to Bellevue High School

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