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Letter: Legal Aid Can Help with Food Insecurity

Thousands of Kentuckians live in areas known as “food deserts.”

These deserts are areas where people do not have easy access to healthy, affordable food because of their distance to a grocery store.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, even in large cities like Lexington, thousands live in food deserts creating significant food insecurity.

Research has shown that inadequate access to food is linked to higher rates of illness and lower life expectancy. Furthermore, food insecurity is much more likely to plague low-income neighborhoods that are oftentimes the areas located in food deserts.

One way the Medicare SHIP Program is helping to fight food insecurity is by assisting people in applying for SNAP benefits, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. SNAP provides helpful benefits to eligible low-income people, in order to help them buy their groceries each month.

Call our office to speak with a benefits counselor who can help determine which money-saving benefits you are eligible to receive.

If you have questions, contact SHIP. Your local SHIP Program is funded to help you connect with money-saving benefits that those on Medicare are entitled to receive, such as Extra Help or the Medicare Savings Program!

For a free benefits checkup, call our Benefits Enrollment Center at 1-866-516-3051 or visit us online at:

From Legal Aid of the Bluegrass