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New Sober Living Facility Opens in Covington

A new sober living facility is now open on Madison Avenue in Covington.

The three-story, 10,800-sq. ft. center is known as Twin Rails Sober Living Facility.


The newly remodeled $650,000 center was designed in-house and is being paid for by the Jay and Marsha Millard Foundation.

Twin Rails Sober Living Facility features updated, comfortable rooms for everyone it serves, which the facility refers to as members. It also has reading and reflection areas and considers itself to be in a convenient location for jobs, transportation, and recovery services.

Buckler Construction Services, which worked on the project noted in a news release that, "Every inch of the building was designed with the highest level of care and comfort in mind, and for the convenience of members and their loved ones.”

“We are proud to have been able to accomplish such an unbelievable facility through the Jay and Marsha Millard Foundation. It was our vision to build a much larger, more comfortable setting for those looking to become truly sober. Our determination to enhance the care of our members within a homelike atmosphere was unrelenting. Our members will find the center amazing,” Marsha Millard said.

The center is one of the largest in the Greater Cincinnati area and provides space for 65-male members seeking sober living.

Each member room is equipped with ultra-comfortable mattresses and bedding, an HD television and refrigerator.  The remodeled facility will feature an outdoor landscaped courtyard; a large recreation center; a member/family lounge; a theater room; microwaves on each floor; a main dining room; computer lab; two private counseling areas; a fully equipped gym; state-of-the-art main kitchen; Wi-Fi access throughout with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu; and 24-hour staffing.

CMillard said since the inception of the foundation, she has made it her focus to advance mental health and addiction treatment in the local community. She credits her husband Jay’s business acumen for bringing about the addition of this sober living facility, which continues their quest to “take care of people for generations to come.”

Millard also thanked the workers, the City of Covington, and Forcht Bank for their role in helping Twin Rails open.

Millard said it was after she and her husband toured the original facility, that they quickly realized change was needed. They determined a complete remodel was necessary to have a clean, safe, comfortable, and modern facility.

Millard said the need for well-run ethical sober living facilities is great. 

“It’s one thing to care for people, it’s another thing to care for them well,” she said.

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