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School Decides Against Relocation to Erlanger Property


Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy will no longer pursue a move to a property in Erlanger.

The location on Hulbert Avenue required a zone change, approved by the Kenton County Planning Commission, but delayed by Erlanger city council amid pushback from neighbors concerned about traffic issues.

At a committee meeting last week, Mayor Jessica Fette announced that the school said that it decided against locating on Hulbert.

"We are no longer interested in the site on Hulbert," said Julia Preziosi, Executive Director of NKY Montessori Academy. "The residents don't have to worry about us anymore."

Preziosi told how the school was looking for a 5- to 7-acre site with greenspace, a vital part of the philosophy of the school.  She said someone made an offer on the property when she had asked about it, but then she got a phone call from Bernie Wessels, one of the owners, saying that he would work with her. She asked if they could get another half acre, and was told that it was possible.

But then she found out that there was an easement on the property.  

Preziosi also found out when she came to the first meeting that there were protesters, and that was unsettling. Then she discovered that the forest on the property was being decimated, and she didn't feel that was the right thing for her academy.

Preziosi doesn't blame the protesters at all, she said. She said the neighbors have a right to feel invested in what's happening around them. She said she will go on looking, and mentioned that finding the right place requires a lot of things to fall into place.

"And, of course, we want people to want us there," she said.

The school is currently located on Anderson Road in Crescent Springs.

The city's board of adjustment and the planning commission gave the OK for a change to allow private and parochial schools on the site.

Erlanger city council was to be the final vote on the issue, but it was delayed at least two months.

Mayor Fette asked council members whether they wanted to proceed to vote at the next meeting on the zoning issue.

No one agreed to a vote, and the issue was dropped.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor