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With Eight New Hires, Erlanger Fire Department Now Fully Full-Time

The Erlanger Fire Department is now entirely full-time.

Eight new firefighter/EMTs were sworn in at this month's city council meeting.

Among the new hires are Ryle Bridley, Ray Embry, Jake Schultz, Whitney Williams-Farrell, Derek Mayfield, Trent Stolz, Brandon Weeks, and Trevor Woodcock.

Fire Chief Todd Whitaker determined that the department would make a fiscally responsible choice by hiring more full-time firefighters.

Erlanger now ranks among the likes of Fort Thomas, Covington, and Newport as fully full-time departments in Northern Kentucky.

Erlanger has two firehouses, and needs nine full-time employees every day to staff them around the clock.  

The firehouses had been staffed with eight full-time workers, with part-time employees filling the gaps.

"We had been losing people, too," said Whitaker. "At least two of our people have retired recently, and others have been going to other departments. It is a definite challenge to hire and keep people in the department. But this is a big deal, being an all full-time department. We are going to make this the best we can be."

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor