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Youth to Learn Philanthropy at Week-Long Camp Give

Camp Give will take place in Northern Kentucky for the first time.

Hosted at the Brighton Center, produced by Magnified Giving, and sponsored by Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky, the summer youth philanthropy program will provide a week-long day camp with the purpose of educating, inspiring, and engaging children in philanthropy.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, campers will learn about nonprofits through online research, site visits and direct service with the goal of challenging them to decide which nonprofits will receive a grant at the end of the week. Camp Give at the Brighton Center will take place from July 22nd through July 26th.

Camp Give started in Evendale, Ohio in 2017 with 30 campers and has grown to almost 200 campers in their 3rd summer. Working with local nonprofits, the goal of the camp is to expose children to social causes, service opportunities and impact-focused action. At the end of the week campers bring their passion and negotiation skills to the board room, where these budding philanthropists decide on a grant for one of the nonprofits they served during the week. 

At Camp Give, kids will learn about nonprofits in Northern Kentucky, and visit them on foot. 

“We are thrilled to offer this unique experience to our Brighton Center kids. We know it will enhance their learning and their impact on the needs in their own community,” said Tammy Weidinger, Brighton Center president and CEO. 

One of the nonprofits campers will visit is Henry Hosea House in West Newport. The kids will provide service and the Henry Hosea House will provide a meal for campers. 

Horizon Community Funds will sponsor the week-long camp, providing teens at Brighton Center an opportunity to learn how they can give back. 

“For many of these youth, it will be the first time they are empowered to give their time, talent and treasure to make a difference in their local community,” said Nancy Grayson, president of Horizon Community Funds. 

Through the generosity of the Northern Kentucky-based foundation, teens will get to experience Camp Give free of charge, while their community benefits from their service throughout the week. 

“Camp Give is a great example of accelerating change through leveraging partnerships in an innovative way. When we come together for the common good of our neighbors, we all win.”

Camp Give will partner with nonprofits located in the Newport and Covington areas, like Henry Hosea House, Care Closet and Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky. As they meet the individual nonprofit organizations, they will also research them on laptops, review their 990’s and determine the impact they have in Northern Kentucky through measurable outcomes. 

The most unique aspect of the Camp Give experience will be when the teens sit down in a board meeting each day to discuss what they learned, how they felt they made a difference that day, and which nonprofits are deserving of a grant. Technology will be a critical tool in their work, as the campers build presentations on their laptops based on their research and service throughout the week. 

Caroline Ray, Camp Director and co-creator of Camp Give, says the ultimate goal is learning about and participating in philanthropy but there are so many other valuable social and emotional benefits that come with this innovative camp model. 

“These young people are building skills in a variety of areas including: teamwork, public speaking, advocacy for causes they care about, lessons in compassion, self-esteem and how a community works,” she said. 

Alongside fun activities and education, Camp Give at the Brighton Center will also award grants to the participating non-profits on the last day of camp! Grants will be sponsored by both Horizon Community Funds and the Kroger Foundation, to support their Zero Hunger Zero Waste initiative, and encourage the campers to learn about and support nonprofits that serve the hungry in Northern Kentucky. Final grants will be announced on the last day of camp, Friday, July 26th.  

Through Camp Give, campers will be able to utilize their time, talent, and treasure to better the community, form bonds with charities and friends they meet along the way, and most importantly, have fun! Magnified Giving is dedicated to developing tomorrow’s philanthropists today and Camp Give is one of the first steps in this journey.  

Camp Give at the Brighton Center will run from Monday, July 22nd - Friday, July 26th, with a media day on Wednesday, July 24th at 12 noon at the Henry Hosea House. 

-Staff report