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Bromley Votes to Start Eviction of Fire Department

Bromley city council voted earlier this month to launch eviction proceedings against the Bromley Volunteer Fire Department.

Councilman Mike Kendall recapped a meeting about the department, held on June 26.

In April, council voted to end its relationship with the city's volunteer department, an independent entity that uses space in the city building, and to contract with the Ludlow Fire Department.

That vote virtually ended the Bromley department since it has no other revenue streams.

Kendall said that technically, the Bromley department still exists under state law because it still has at least twelve members, a chief, and equipment, as well as a facility.

Therefor, the department is still to be notified of fires in the city.

But the City of Bromley asked the fire department to vacate its space by July 1, which did not happen.

City Attorney Kim Vocke asked Fire Chief Wayne Keller to offer a timetable for leaving, and Keller said the department hopes to be out by September 1.

Councilwoman Nancy Kienker instead made a motion to begin the eviction process, which will take a while, but Kienker said she wanted it in place in case the department stalled.

"They can sit over there till we push buttons," Councilwoman Dianne Wartman said.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. 

Councilman David Radford said that technically the department could house itself elsewhere and still exist, though it still has no revenue stream.

In other business, council listened to the first reading of an ordinance to allow golf cars on city streets. Such vehicles must be licensed at the city building.

Bobbi Thomas spoke to council about the opening of Divine Waffles & Weck at the former Keyhole location on Pike Street. Divine Waffles & Weck recently closed its location in Dayton, where the restaurant was founded, but also opened a new location in Latonia.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor