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St. Onge Speaks About Resignation

State Rep. Diane St. Onge (R-Ft. Wright) announced her resignation earlier this week, as reported by The River City News.

On Thursday, she offered comment on that matter publicly for the first time since announcing her departure on the floor of the Statehouse as legislators were convened in Frankfort for a special session to address a pension bill related to quasi-government pension bill.

St. Onge cited her recent marriage and other career opportunities for her forthcoming departure.

“Serving the people of Northern Kentucky in the House of Representatives has been the honor of a lifetime, and an experience which I will cherish and forever be grateful for,” said St. Onge, who has represented House District 63 since being elected in 2012. She was previously a Lakeside Park city council member.

“The wide-ranging issues I’ve fought for on behalf of the diverse constituents I represent have made the four terms for which I was elected to serve memorable in every way. The experience I gained serving in both the minority and the majority is irreplaceable," St. Onge said. "So, too, are the lifelong friendships I’ve made with constituents, business leaders and elected local, state and national officials. While not a decision I came to lightly, it is the right choice, allowing time for me to pursue other business opportunities and to enjoy life with my new husband and our expanded family.”

St. Onge chairs the House Committee on Small Business and Information Technology in the General Assembly.

Since becoming chair in 2017, she has pushed legislation to ensure that appropriate regulatory frameworks are in place for the use of drone technology, as part of an effort to both protect personal property rights while allowing for the legitimate use of drones by businesses and law enforcement agencies, she said.

She was successful in passing additional drone legislation protecting approach and departure paths over CVG airport from interference by unmanned aircraft, and legislation protecting critical infrastructure from trespass by drones.

St. Onge has also worked on pro-medical marijuana legislation, which failed earlier this year, though it passed out of committee for the first time in state history. 

“Since becoming the majority party in Frankfort in 2017, my Republican colleagues and I have made tremendous progress in a number of areas including legislation related to workforce development, economic growth, and right to life,” St. Onge said. “I am extremely proud of these accomplishments as well as those in the policy areas relating to animals, drones, and medicinal marijuana. These efforts and achievements were made possible through collaboration with the dedicated staff of the Legislative Research Commission and the work of my fellow legislators.

"Yet much work remains to be done, particularly in the areas of animal welfare and medicinal marijuana. I will make myself available, should it be requested, to assist those who will carry the torch forward.”

St. Onge will continue to serve her constituents until the effective date of her resignation, which is yet to be determined. A special election will be called by the governor in order to fill her vacant seat.

“There are no better people than my constituents, who have given me the wonderful opportunity of serving as their voice in Frankfort,” St. Onge said. “I will be forever grateful to them for consistently supporting me and giving me the ability to advocate fiercely for the interests of our region. I look forward to giving another qualified individual the opportunity to serve on behalf of the people of the 63rd District.”

-Staff report

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