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Man Dies After Multiple Highway Crashes, Possibly Overdosing at Railroad Tracks

A man is dead after being involved multiple vehicular collisions on Interstate 75 and fleeing the scene on foot.

Villa Hills Police Chief Bryan Allen said it is believed that the man died of a drug overdose near railroad tracks in Crescent Springs.

Allen said his officers responded to the area of the 7.75-mile marker of the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks after the unresponsive man was found nearby. Allen said the man was not far from Irene's Little Bar on Crescent Avenue, near the intersection of Western Reserve and Anderson Road.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

He does not appear to have been struck by a train, Allen told The River City News, but instead is believed to have overdosed on drugs. An autopsy is pending.

"Preliminary investigation reveals that the subject suffered a catastrophic medical event and collapsed to the ground," Allen said.

It was later learned that the man was likely involved in multiple crashes on I-75 southbound in Covington and Erlanger. Multiple other vehicles were struck in Covington, Allen said, and along a section of the highway in Erlanger, the man crashed his car and bailed from it on foot.

The investigation is ongoing and the man's identity has not been released publicly.

This story may be updated.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher