John Marx Announces Departure from Marx Hot Bagels

John Marx is leaving his namesake bagel company after fifty years at the helm.

Known as "the Bagel Man", Marx purchased the business in 1969.

He announced on Thursday that he is stepping away from the business. It was reported in May by The American Israelite, a Cincinnati-based Jewish community news outlet, that Marx sold the business to Y.Y. Davis.

Marx Bagels operated four locations, including one in Crescent Springs where Marx and his wife, Danielle, live, and three others in the Cincinnati area. Only one location remains, in the Cincinnati community of Kenwood. 

“We’ve had our ups and downs,” Marx said, “but I always did it my way – not always the right way – and it worked.”

He said he’d like to thank all his customers.

“For those who took my insanity, I apologize. I enjoyed every minute of the business,” Marx said.

Marx credits his wife Danielle for the success.

“If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have ben successful. She made the party trays and trained our staff,” he said.

As for the new management team, Marx said he wishes them nothing but success, and thanks them for taking over the business.

“My management style,” he said, “is a cross between (former Indiana basketball coach) Bobby Knight and (former Chicago Bears coach) Mike Ditka. But today I threw away my watch and cell phone.”

Marx will remain consultant for the business for one-year.

-Staff report