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Divine Waffles & Weck Opening New Location in Bromley


We all know what waffles are, but "weck" may be a less common word.

But waffles and weck will come together at a new location in Bromley.

Weck is a roast beef sandwich with au jus served on a Kummelweck roll, garnished with horseradish.

It is one half of the namesake dishes of Divine Waffles & Weck, the restaurant that first opened in Dayton, then in Latonia, and now in Bromley.

Co-founder Bobbie Burgin is opening the Bromley shop at the former Keyhole bar building on Pike Street.

Burgin, a self-described foodie who grew up in Northern Kentucky and attended Holmes High School in Covington, had raised her five children, and, being an entrepreneur at heart, was looking for an opportunity that would be different enough to catch on. She had already tried a bar/restaurant, a daycare, and a giftshop, among other things.

In being mom to her kids, she knew she could cook, and she had some experience providing a variety of food at meals because one or two kids may not like the main course.

Burgin decided to open a restaurant and introduce weck to the Northern Kentucky community. After first opening on Sixth Avenue in Dayton, the restaurant found its second location at 3715 Winston Avenue in Latonia.

The menu included references to known Dayton places, like the Tacoma burger, named for a city park.

"I wanted to have fun names," she said. "I wanted to use names that were important to the city, that people would remember. I wasn't able to do as much at our Latonia location because we have a hood and we can only boil, bake, or heat things, and use a covered fryer. So we did some other creative things there. But we plan to pattern our new Bromley location after both locations."

Work is underway at the Bromley location, and Burgin said they are about three to four weeks from opening. A liquor license is in the works, too.

The restaurant will be billed as a family restaurant. 

The Bromley location has an outdoor facility, and Burgin has plans for it. She would like to renovate the outside for next year, putting in a sand volleyball court, and building a stage for performing groups.  

She wants to add a play area for children.

"We have a karaoke night, and just recently had a two-year old up on stage, singing songs," Burgin said. "We want our restaurants to have a family air."

The food menu is quaint, all-American, and slightly southern, except maybe for the weck, which is regionally known in western New York state, particularly Buffalo.

Waffles are served all day long, and they have names like the Hunka-hunka burning waffle, an Elvis-inspired dish with peanut butter. Another is cheesecake filled, and is billed as That's a lot of Cheese.

The Chicken and Waffles, termed Don't waffle on Me!, is comprised of full sized Belgian waffles with a huge breaded chicken breast in the middle.

Another delectable treat is loaded mashed potatoes, formed in a good sized ball, breaded with dried onion, and deep fried. It is then drizzled with gravy.

The restaurant also serves goetta balls.  

Lunch is served all day, and dinner is usually a daily special.

Burgin loves history, and is excited about delving into the history of Bromley and Ludlow.

"I also love being part of the effort to build up the riverbank," she said. "I think it is a great place for my third location!"

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor