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Florence Recognizes Its Student Ambassadors

This year's Florence Student Ambassadors scholarships were awarded to Jennifer Schalk and Zane Schneider, students at Boone County High School.

City of Florence events coordinator Vanessa Lenear presented the ambassadors at the most recent city council meeting.

The scholarships are valued at $500 each.

Students who live in Florence and are in grades six through twelve are eligible for the program.

Schalk and Schneider are joined by Rebecca Mulroney, also a senior at Boone County High School, and Alexander Reynolds, a senior at Ryle High School, and Sydney Gilson, a junior at Cooper High school, as senior ambassadors.

Junior ambassadors include Boone County freshman Jake Workman, and Ockerman Middle School eighth graders Miles Gilson and Joel Klein.

Youth ambassadors are Ballyshannon Middle School seventh grader Jordan Dalcour and Collins Elementary sixth grader Jonathan Glier-Simkus.

The ambassadors learn public service and governmental operations, and they help with events that the city hosts, such as the Fourth of July celebration and holiday events.

Every March students are invited to become an ambassador, and they have to fill out an application and complete essays. The applications and essays are judged by four people, Linda Bramlage, Gary Winn, Brenda Sparks, and Nancy Tretter. The ambassadors that are chosen will serve for the next fiscal year.

In other business, Mayor Diane Whalen said the Aquatic Center will close on August 11 because that is when school starts and the city loses lifeguards. Anyone who would like to join the center for next year can get a 25 percent discount through August 31.

She also said Florence's National Night out will be Tuesday, August 5, at 5 p.m., and the city will be grilling out.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor