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Gateway to Offer Free Child Care to Students

Noting that child care has been identified as a significant need for students, Gateway Community & Technical College is now offering free child care for students at the Edgewood campus.

The child care service is provided in partnership with the Gateway Foundation and Children, Inc.

Child care will be available during the fall semester, Monday through Friday, from 8:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

“We want to help our students finish their degree faster and create a better life,” said Dr. Fernando Figueroa, Gateway president/CEO. “We’ve heard from our students that childcare is a barrier for them, so we are working to address this issue.”

Students taking daytime classes at any of Gateway’s three campuses can utilize childcare offered at the Edgewood campus. Student must apply to be in the program and be in good academic and financial aid standing.

"Having child care on campus has benefited my family and I tremendously,” said Christy Miller, a Gateway student. “The pursuit of an education is changeling enough, let alone being burdened by concerns over child care or the expense.”

Gateway piloted the childcare program during evenings in the spring 2019 semester. During that time, 17 children were enrolled in child care, allowing parents to take classes and study. Students enrolled online courses can take advantage of childcare availability too and use the childcare time to do classwork.

Children, Inc., provides an age-appropriate learning environment, teaching topics such as colors, numbers, letters and seasons. Fine arts are also integrated in the curriculum including dance, art and music. Children are encouraged to use their imagination and creative expression. Children, Inc., employees are trained in working with children with special needs including ADHD, speech delay, and autism.

-Staff report

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