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Edgewood Residents Hit Hard by Heavy Rain

Edgewood residents were not immune from seeing their homes damaged by the most recent heavy rains that impacted the Northern Kentucky region.

Resident Tom O'Connor, who lives on Elmwood Drive, asked city council to set up a special meeting for residents whose homes were damaged on July 15. 

O'Connor said he and four others got the brunt of the water, with rainwater "busting in the door" of the basement level, and sewage popping out of the drains in the floor.

"All five of us are veterans," he said. "I had about $20,000 in damages, and replacing it is strenuous work. But we get after it." O'Connor gestured to his right arm in a sling. "I am 73 years old."

"Gentlemen and ladies, your citizenry has been harmed," O'Connor stated. "You should see who is affected. That would be the smart thing to do."

He said he was surprised more people had not come to the meeting.

Mayor John Link said his own backyard got three feet of water, and his basement also had water. He didn't think it was necessarily anybody's fault.

"It's basically God's problem," the mayor said. "There was so much water in so little time."

City Administrator Brian Dehner agreed with the mayor, saying it was like a 75-year rain, and the rainfall amount blew off bolted-down sewer lids on Dudley road and caused the road to buckle. The city had to find the sewer lids, since they blew off over the hills, Dehner said.

"Do your job and support us," O'Connor said. "We're not going to lie down. Most of us are retired."

Later, O'Connor softened his tone, saying he would like to see council's support.

Another neighbor, Norbert Werner, told council they appreciate anything the city can do for the neighbors.

In other news, city council adopted a ban on short-term rentals like Airbnb in residential areas.

Council listened to the first reading of the property tax rate, which will include a compensating rate so that the city takes in at least what it took in last year. The rate settled on is $0.251 per $100 of assessed value.

Brian Zurborg was officially sworn in as Edgewood's new police Chief, taking over for Anthony Kramer, who was officially presented with his service weapon, which was declared surplus so it could be given to him.

Josh Spicer, an officer from Erlanger, was sworn in as Edgewood's newest police officer. He had been with Erlanger for three years and will start immediately.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor