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Neighbors Upset About Park Hills Speed Bumps

About a half dozen residents came to the regular meeting of Park Hills city Council Monday night to protest the speed bumps that the city installed on Cecelia Avenue .

David Gray spoke first.

"When you talked about putting speed bumps up, I didn't realize you were going to put 0 to 5 miles per hour bumps," he said. "They create a safety hazard! This whole group is upset!"

Gray asked if the police or fire department had approved the bumps, and said the bumps will definitely lengthen the response time for emergency vehicles on his street. That could have the effect of insurance companies penalizing the residents for a lower response time.

"How do you justify that?," he asked.

Mayor Kathy Zembrodt said the city conducted a speed study with the police department and looked at stop signs, but ultimately wanted to do something to slow drivers more, so three speed bumps on the street were placed as a trial.

Gray argued the bumps are not approved for residential streets.

Another resident talked about a wheelchair-bound neighbor who can't get over the bumps. That resident argued that neighbors aren't against bumps in general, but these three in particular are troublesome.

"We're trying to help," said Councilman Joe Shields.

Another resident asked how soon the bumps could be removed.

"We are trying to keep people safe," said Mayor Zembrodt. "We don't want to torture you. These bumps were designed to slow the traffic under 20 miles per hour. We're not experts here."

She instructed Councilman Steve Elkins to look into less abrasive bumps, and possibly take out at least two of the current bumps.

In other business, the city set its property tax rate at $0.209 per $100 of assessed value,  $0.334 per $100 of assessed value on motor vehicles, $0.75 per $100 on all corporate franchises, and $0.155 per $100 for road tax. These rates have been the same for at least ten years, except for the road tax, which has been lowered over the years.

The city received $222,962 from the state in the form of municipal road aid funding.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

Photo: David Gray speaks to Park Hills city council (RCN)

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