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Friends of Linden Grove Cemetery to Honor Those Who Helped Transformation

This article has been updated to correct a reference to "six men" receiving an award. One of the recipients, Alex Weldon, is a woman. RCN apologizes for and regrets the error.

The Friends of Linden Grove will present awards to six people on Friday, in honor of their contributions to restoration of Historic Linden Grove Cemetery in Covington.

The group said the honorees "made a real difference in the success of the effort to restore and improve the Cemetery over the last twenty years. They are the unsung heroes that helped to make the remarkable transformation of the cemetery possible."

Those receiving honors are:

  • Gary Meisner, President – Meisner & Associates LandVision of Cincinnati;
  • Phil Zumdick, Superintendent – Mother of God Cemetery;
  • Rick Wells, former Superintendent – Linden Grove Cemetery;
  • Wayne Speigel, retired Grants Manager – Kenton County Fiscal Court;
  • Gary Davidson, former Superintendent – Linden Grove Cemetery;
  • Alex Weldon, Historic Preservation Consultant and former Chair of the Kenton County Planning Commission.

The presentations will be made at 12:30 p.m. at the offices of the Mother of God Cemetery, Madison Pike (KY 17) and Latonia Avenue, Fort Wright.

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