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Grant Allows Expansion of NKU Norse Violence Prevention Center

A three-year grant from the federal Office on Violence Against Women allowed Northern Kentucky University's Norse Violence Prevention Center (NCP) to move to a new location and add two new positions.

A new director has also been named.

Kendra Massey, the new director, facilitated the center's move to a new suite in the Albright Health Center on campus in Highland Heights. NVP works to prevent and address interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, partner violence, and stalking on NKU’s campus. 

Massey’s prior experience includes serving as the vice-president of programming for Women Helping Women, a non-profit agency in southwest Ohio.

According to a news release, with the larger space, NVP is expanding its prevention programs and increasing accessibility of advocacy services, including a dedicated trauma-informed meeting space for student survivors. 

The federal grant also helped create two new positions, a full-time project coordinator, contracted through Women’s Crisis Center, and a part-time advocate.

“We want the campus, especially the first-year students, to understand that we are here to support them in a confidential environment,” said Massey. “The beginning of the semester is a busy time for us. We do trainings that include educating students about consent and bystander intervention. Our Bystander Intervention training helps students be aware of what’s happening around them and feel empowered to speak up and do something to help everyone stay safe.”

The NVP team will meet with campus groups and organizations to provide training sessions and continue to share the key messages in the “It’s on Us” campaign.  

-Staff report

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