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Ludlow Schools Approve Tax Increase, Still Rank Lowest Among Independent Districts

The Ludlow Board of Education approved a 4 percent increase to its tax rates last week.

The new rates are 0.945 per $100 value of personal property, 0.746 percent per $100 value of motor vehicles, and 0.916 per $100 for personal property.

Superintendent Michael Borchers argued for the increase to cover the step increases for teachers. There were no raises included in the formulation of the tax rates, he said.

"We continue to be one of the lowest rates of the independent districts in Northern Kentucky," Borchers said.  

But board member Kym King looked at the numbers, and said, "We are the lowest!"

That is true even with the increase.

Borchers said that both Beechwood and Bellevue Schools approved a so-called nickel tax last year to provide funds for infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the district continues to increase security. Borchers said the cafeteria doors have been replaced and administrators can now shut down the entire area with the flip of a switch in case a threatening situation arises in the cafeteria.

Kyle Fancher, the district's technical coordinator, explained new security enhancements for computers and technology. There are now thirty-second locks for computers, and Fancher suggested that passwords be changed often.

There are now cameras on all exterior doors, and all interior doors can be locked.

Borchers also said that the district's financial analyst Vikki Wofford would not be leaving the district after all, after working out a deal.

Borchers also said the district's preschool playground was replaced thanks to a grant received. Instead of a rubber mulch, the playground is now smooth and cushioned, and does not get hot.  

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor