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New Historical Marker Coming to Ludlow

An historic home in Ludlow will soon be the site of an historical marker.

The Kentucky Historical Society will unveil the marker on September 7 at Rlmwood Hall, a house once owned by Israel Ludlow, for whom the city is named, and who was an influential early developer of Cincinnati and Dayton, Oh.

The unveiling is sponsored by the Ludlow Heritage Museum and the Starke Family Foundation.

The marker discusses both the ownership of the house and its later use. According to the marker, “Elmwood Hall is Ludlow’s longest surviving structure.”

According to Alli Robic, who manages the KHS historical marker program, Elmwood Hall played a significant role in the evolution of the town. 

“At various times the house served as an elite villa, a railway town duplex, a factory building and a studio for local artists,” Robic said. “It now serves as a testament to the development of the community. The work of the City of Ludlow and the property owners’ efforts to maintain this historic structure is a testament to the importance of Elmwood Hall,” Robic said.

The marker unveiling will take place at 244 Forest Ave. at 3:00 p.m.

Speakers will include Robic, Mark Mitchell, president of the Ludlow Heritage Museum, Carolyn Starke, of the Starke Family Foundation, Scott Alvey, director of the Kentucky Historical Society, and Mayor Josh Boone from the City of Ludlow. 

Patrick Snadon, the present owner of Elmwood Hall, will unveil the marker. Snadon also serves as vice-president of the Ludlow Heritage Museum.

-Staff report

Photo: Elmwood Hall (RCN file)