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Covington Teacher Talks About Baby Who Was Shaken, Grabbed on Campus

A teacher in the Covington Independent Public School district spoke to the Covington board of education last week about an incident involving her young child at the Chapman Child Development Center, located on the campus of Holmes High School.

The teacher is employed at an elementary school in the district. The River City News is choosing not to identify the teacher, even though her remarks came during a public meeting of the board of education, to protect the identity of her child.

The teacher said that her 8-month old baby was dropped off at the center on August 26, and when the teacher returned later in the day for pick-up, the center's director talked about a caregiver allegedly grabbing the baby the arm and shaking the baby.

That caregiver, the teacher reported to the board, was given the opportunity to resign, and did so.

The teacher was informed that the baby was grabbed and shook at around 9 a.m., and told the board that she was shocked that she was not told right away. The director, according to the teacher, apologized for the delay.

The teacher spoke through tears to the board of education, talking about how the baby was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital to have tests run. Results were negative, but follow-ups will be forthcoming, the teacher said.

The teacher said that she chose to address the board to see three things happen: that her child would be moved to another classroom, that a letter would be sent to all parents of children at the care center so they would be made aware, and that the director of the center lose her job.

The child was moved to another classroom and a letter was sent home to parents, district officials told The River City News.

When school resumes on Tuesday, the teacher said, she would have no confidence in the director that her baby would be safe.

The board members did not address the issue after the teacher spoke, but later issued a statement.

"The district was made aware of an incident that occurred at Chapman Child Care Center on August 26, 2019," the statement said. "While legally the district is not at liberty to discuss details of this matter, we can say that immediate action was taken. The incident was promptly reported to the Cabinet for Families and Children. The person who was said to be involved is no longer employed by Covington Independent Public Schools.

"In addition, Superintendent Alvin Garrison and members of his administrative team met with the parents of the child. Mr. Garrison assured them that their concerns were heard and given consideration in his decision-making."

The Chapman Child Care Center was established in January,1994, and voluntarily participates in the Kentucky Stars for Kids Now Quality Rating. The center holds a three star rating, and also holds national accreditation through the Association of Early Learning Leaders. It has a capacity for 83 children, from babies through preschool.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor