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Commission Approves Increased Fees for Pride Park Community Center

The City of Taylor Mill approved an increase to its community center rental at Pride Park.

The price will increase $50 for rental, and the deposit will go from $100 to $150.

City Commissioner Mark Kreimborg opposed the increase.

"I think the rates are high enough as they are," Kreimborg said. "We are raising the rates $50 for the rental of the building, and another $150 for the deposit. That's too much for our families. We are pricing ourselves out of the market."

Commissioner Dan Murray explained his yes vote, saying the city would revisit the issue in six months. He said he knows it could be a strain, but people could get their deposit back if they clean up.

Kreimborg was the lone dissenting vote.

Morgan McDonald and Kaitlyn Koetting received special recognition for their efforts to raise money for the fire department. The girls hosted a lemonade stand, and were able to raise $70 which they presented to Chief John Stager. Chief Stager said he really appreciated the girls' effort, and the money will go into the department's miscellaneous fund.

A municipal order which approved the promotion of Carl Biery from a part time firefighter to a full time firefighter was passed.

Commissioner Dan Murray brought up the issue of the volunteer fire department building located on Winston Avenue.  

He told the commissioners he did not want to drag the issue out of what to do with the building. The area where the building is located is zoned residential, so to allow one particular space to have conditional uses, commissioners will have to put a zoning use restriction and a deed restriction on the text amendment.  

Commissioners agreed to find a time for a special meeting at that firehouse so they can meet with residents in the area and find out what they would like to see in the building. No time was set yet.

City Administrator Brian Haney recommended to the commission to adopt a property tax increase of 2 percent plus the compensating rate, at minimum. He asked the commission to consider seriously a 4 percent increase.

He argued that the increase to a homeowner of a property valued at $100,000 would amount to $18 if the commission approved the full four percent.

Haney said there are some upcoming structural issues at the firehouse, including one that needs immediate action. He said the bricks are bowing, and the foundation has to be fixed.

There will be an event called Music in the Mill which will take place on September 15 from 3 to 7 p.m. in Pride Park. The event is sponsored by Trifecta.

Commissioner Kreimborg added that St. Anthony will have a festival on September 14 on the parish grounds.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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