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Covington School Board Approves Compensating Tax Rate for 8th Straight Year

The Covington Board of Education voted to accept what is known as the compensating rate for its share of local property taxes.

The new rate is 107.6 cents per $100 of assessed value, lower than last year's rate of 108.4. But because the amount includes the compensating rate, the district will take in approximately the same amount as last year.

This year, the district is expected to collect around $17.4 million from taxpayers.

"This is the eighth year in a row for compensating rate," said Annette Burtschy, finance director for the district. "It used to be that we had 3 districts below us (with higher tax rates). Now we have 5 districts below us that are higher."

The rate for motor vehicles is 85.9 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Superintendent Alvin Garrison gave an update on schools and facilities, following the district's decision to delay the start of the new school year after infrastructure problems at Holmes High School and John G. Carlisle Elementary.

"We are confident our schools are going to be ready on September 3," he told the board.

Some of the schools had trouble with flooding and Garrison made the decision to move the first day of school back to September 3.

An update was given on the security system for the computers in the district. 

Most of the computers have a two-part identification system and conditional access, and as with most of the school districts in the area, no access is granted for countries like China and Russia.  

In addition, if any of the personnel in the district should go out of the continental United States, they will not be able to access the school computers. If there is a breach, they hope to notify everyone immediately.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor