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Op-Ed: Villa Hills Council Did Not Vote to Endorse Climate Change Legislation

Villa Hills City Council did not vote to endorse HR-763, Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, The River City News recently published a letter from a Villa Hills resident titled, “Villa Hills a Leader in Supporting Climate Change Legislation”. 

In the letter, Beth Johnson wrote, “Villa Hills city council became a leader in supporting action on climate change by being the first Northern Kentucky community to endorse the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763) currently before the U.S.  House of Representatives.” 

At the August 21 city council meeting, Villa Hills council members watched a presentation from the Citizens’ Climate Lobby which highlighted HR-763. We then voted on a resolution to support efforts to create policies related to climate change. 

Resolution 2019-L contained no reference to HR-763 nor did it ask us to endorse HR-763.

An assumption was made that because we were asked verbally to endorse HR-763 at least three times during the presentation and no council members voiced objections to the bill, our intent was to approve HR-763.

This is not true.

I base my vote solely on what is written in the document itself and there was no mention of HR-763. 

In addition, I do not believe city councils should be in the business of endorsing state or federal legislation. Therefore, the letter “Villa Hills a Leader in Supporting Climate Change Legislation” submitted to The River City News is incorrect. 

Sue Wadsworth is a member of the Villa Hills city council