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New Details Emerge About Roebling Bridge's Part in BLINK 2019

The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge will be lit up during the second coming of Blink, the arts and light show that drew a million people to downtown Cincinnati in 2017.

Note: The above image was previously released as a rendering announcing the bridge's inclusion in this year's Blink show but does not necessarily reflect what the bridge will look like during the event.

In the event's second installment, Blink will extend southward into Covington and the iconic link between the two cities will be a major focal point.

On Monday, the artists charged with the Roebling Bridge work were identified in a news release.

Brave Berlin, a producer of Blink 2019, and MASARY Studios will co-create the art installation featuring light, color, and sound on the bridge.

Penning the sound score, light score, technical language, and narrative, "RUMBLE: A contemporary voice for the bridge that sings", will transform the beloved bridge into a “gesture of connectivity and harmony within our region and the world," the release said. 

The biennial BLINK festival takes place from Thursday, October 10 through Sunday, October 13.

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BLINK is one of the largest light, art, and projection mapping events in the nation. The four-day event features large-scale installations, murals, urban artscapes, light, and interactive art in Cincinnati. BLINK spans more than thirty city blocks, from the Kentucky river bank to Cincinnati’s Findlay Market. As one of the major installations of the four-day festival, the Roebling Bridge will connect BLINK’s route as a featured iconic landmark bathed in light and sound. MASARY Studios of Boston will make the Singing Bridge “sing,” working with local lighting experts Vincent Lighting of Erlanger. 

RUMBLE: A contemporary voice for the bridge that sings

The Roebling Bridge will come to life through rhythmic structural lighting and an original sound score. Created by sampling elements from the bridge itself, the score will turn the “singing bridge” into an instrument capable of beats, harmony, and melody. 

Elements of Installation

  • More than 520 lighting instruments will be mounted on the bridge to illuminate the unique form and structure.
  • A multimedia language has been created to connect the bridge’s architectural elements with musical ideas and lighting effects. The sound score and light score have been created in tandem by the artists, resulting in an integrated process and expression.
  • Attendees will be welcome to experience and engage with the installation while traversing the bridge on foot, or from a viewing area in Smale Park.
  • In addition to using live sampled sound bites, the sound score will include recordings from the Cincinnati Boys’ Choir, and additional contemporary elements. 

“Bridges are a consistent marvel of architecture. A bridge represents what is no longer the edge, where travel and ideas formerly stopped, but now have a path," said Maria Finkelmeier of MASARY Studios and native of Cincinnati. "A visualization of this progress, Cincinnati’s Roebling Bridge sings as it suspends over the Ohio River connecting two banks, two cities, and two states.”

-Staff report