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In Court, More Shocking Details Shared About Boy's Death in Dayton

A Campbell County mother accused of killing her 18-month old son saw her case proceed to the grand jury on Thursday.

Stacey Schuchart, 29, was arrested two weeks ago and charged with first degree manslaughter in connection to the child's death in August.

As previously reported by The River City News, the Bellevue-Dayton Fire Department responded to 401 Fifth Avenue on August 16 for a report of an unresponsive child. That's where responders found 1-year old Sean Buttery, Jr. not breathing.

He was transported to Cincinnati Children's Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police department investigated the 17-month old's death and ultimately charged Schuchart, arresting her on September 13.

On Thursday, Campbell County Commonwealth's Attorney Michelle Snodgrass questioned Detective Peter Schierloh this afternoon about his investigation of the case. Schierloh cited the coroner's report which claimed that the 18-month old died from "homicidal violence." 

Schierloh said that he was initially directed by the dispatcher to the scene for a child endangerment call, but while he was en route the call was elevated to indicate that CPR was being performed on the child. Once there, the detective said that Dayton's fire chief was carrying the 18-month old to an ambulance stating "something is suspicious" as he passed Schierloh. 

Schierloh stated that the coroner's report contained a list of injuries including multiple traumas to the head which would have had significant immediate neurological impairment, a broken forearm that appeared to be grabbed or twisted, at least four fractures to the 18-month old's pelvis that were consistent with someone stomping on the child, a displaced bladder, a three-quarter inch by three-quarter tear from the child's lip, and bruising "all over."

Schuchart said that the 18-month old fell and hit his head on the microwave while she was making cinnamon rolls in the kitchen. After hitting the microwave, Schuchart said the child hit his head again on the ground - according to Schierloh. 

According to Schierloh, while Schuchart is the child's biological mother, she did not have custody of him at the time of his death, and the boy was supposed to be with Schuchart's sister in Erlanger. However, the child and several others were with Schuchart throughout the week to attend school in Dayton.

As Detective Schierloh finished answering his questions he claimed that the coroner said that these injuries were more consistent with a bad car accident - not a simple fall. 

Schuchart's bond was maintained at $1 million. She remains in the Campbell County Detention Center.

Written by Connor Wall, RCN reporter