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How Northern Kentucky Schools Scored in New State System

The results of Kentucky's new 5-star accountability system for public schools were released on Tuesday. The River City News compiled key components of the data and shared them for each school district and school in Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties, which can be seen below. RCN also got reaction from every school district superintendent in Northern Kentucky.

You can also see the full data set on the state website.

As is typical for the region, Northern Kentucky saw a mixed bag on its local schools' report card, which is based on standardized tests, achievement, and other measures.

Across the state, 89 schools were rated as 1-star, 251 as 2-star, 643 as 3-star, 233 as 4-star, and 56 as 5-star.

The ratings and federal classifications are based on Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) assessment data and other indicators. They also include reading, math, social studies, science, and writing proficiency; students' academic growth and progress over one academic year; transition readiness (also known as college and career readiness); and the graduation rate.

“The release of accountability data through the Kentucky School Report Card is an opportunity for parents, educators and community leaders to engage in data-informed dialogue about schools’ and students’ strengths and areas for growth,” said Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis. “The system also is designed to shine a light on achievement gaps between various groups of students. As usual, there are Kentucky schools and districts that are improving. We should celebrate their success and learn from their transformational approaches to teaching and learning. But the data also show that as a whole, our system is not yet ensuring each and every student – regardless of socioeconomic level, disability or race – is empowered and equipped to pursue a successful future.”

In Northern Kentucky, Beechwood High School, Glenn O. Swing Elementary in Covington Independent, Moyer Elementary in Fort Thomas Independent, Walton-Verona High School, and Woodfill Elementary School in Fort Thomas Independent rated as 5-star schools. 

“I offer sincere congratulations to our first 5-star rated schools,” said Lewis. “Being rated at the pinnacle of Kentucky’s school accountability system is no small feat, and comes only as a result of strategic leadership, hard work, and partnership.”

Under the new accountability system, a 5- or 4- star school’s rating can be lowered by one star if it has one or more statistically significant achievement gaps between the performances of groups of students. A total of 81 schools’ overall ratings were impacted by their achievement gaps – 16 otherwise 5-star schools were lowered to four stars, and 65 otherwise 4-star schools were lowered to three stars.

The majority of the schools that had star ratings lowered due to achievement gaps have work to do to ensure that students with disabilities are learning and performing at higher levels, the Kentucky Department of Education said in a news release.

Other schools whose ratings were lowered had significant achievement gaps between economically disadvantaged students and their wealthier peers, English learners and their native-English speaking peers, African-American students and their white peers, Hispanic students and their white peers, and students with two or more races and their white peers.

“Kentucky’s new accountability system is built on the philosophy that a school or district cannot be rated as one of our very best schools unless it is ensuring that all groups of students, regardless of background, are learning at high levels,” said Lewis.

Some Northern Kentucky schools were listed among the 51 across the state identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) which is when a school’s overall performance is within the bottom 5 percent of Kentucky public schools by level (elementary, middle, high school) and/or when a high school’s graduation rate is below 80 percent.

Schools identified as CSI have additional responsibilities for school improvement, but this designation also makes them eligible for additional funding and resources to support their turnaround efforts, the state said. This is the only funding component that is tied to the accountability system; schools that receive higher ratings do not receive additional state or federal funding.

Northern Kentucky schools identified for CSI are Holmes Middle School in Covington Independent, Newport Intermediate School in Newport Independent, Newport Primary School in Newport Independent, Ninth District Elementary in Covington Independent, and Rector A. Jones Middle School in Boone County. (Editor's note/correction: An earlier version of this story listed Newport Middle School as being among the "CSI" schools. The middle school is not, but Newport Primary and Newport Intermediate are. The story has been updated and RCN regrets the error.)

The state also identified 11 schools for Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (ATSI), which means a school has one or more groups of students whose performance is at a very low level. Specifically, this year, schools have been designated as ATSI if last year it was designated as TSI-Tier II (targeted support and improvement) because one or more groups of students scored at or below students in any of the lowest-performing 5 percent of schools in the same grade band (elementary, middle or high schools), and it failed to meet the exit criteria for ATSI. 

Mary A. Goetz Elementary School in Ludlow Independent was identified among these eleven schools.

“The implementation of new academic standards in Kentucky has been our most important work at KDE during my tenure as commissioner,” said Lewis. “Rigorous academic standards set the bar for where kids need to go and make a huge difference in a student’s learning. Teaching to the standards at grade level with standards-aligned, high quality curriculum and lesson plans will lead to significant improvement in student learning and assessment scores. Conversely, if students are not exposed to the standards at grade level, we cannot expect them to demonstrate mastery on state assessments.”


Beechwood Independent

District - 

High  5-star

Proficiency: 98.4 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 71.5 (High)

Transition Readiness: 95.7 (Very High)

Graduation Rate: 98.2 (Very High)

Middle 4-star

Proficiency: 87.9 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 78.1 (High)

Growth: 47.1 (Low)

Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 91.4 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 78.8 (High)

Growth: 54.7 (Low)

Beechwood Independent operates one elementary school (K-6) and one high school (grades 7-12) so the individual school listings are the same as district-wide.

"State testing is not our Achilles heel," said Beechwood Independent Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Stacy. "I'm not a huge state testing fan. They keep changing the system, and I feel bad for the districts who have to figure out how to constantly deal with the new standards. We are blessed to do well: all three schools have done well in every area.  There is a problem with how the state weights different areas, and I don't like how they weight moving students out of novice. We will continue to focus on our students to help them achieve their potential, and I expect our test scores to reflect our excellent teaching and concentration on the students."

Other notes: 21 percent of Beechwood High School students are classified by the state as "gifted and talented". Only 3.5 percent of students have had "behavior events" as classified by the state. The district's attendance rate is 96.8 percent, and 17.5 percent of the student population are classified as "economically disadvantaged".

Bellevue Independent

District - 

High 3-star

Proficiency: 54.2 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 72 (High)

Transition Readiness: 63.3 (Low)

Graduation Rate: 100 (Very High)

Middle 2-star

Proficiency: 56.8 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 59 (Low)

Growth: 49.8 (Low)

Elementary 2-star

Proficiency: 57.9 (Low)

Separate Academic: 48.4 (Very Low)

Growth: 44.4 (Very Low)

Bellevue Independent operates one elementary school (Grandview) and one high school, so the numbers reflected for the district are the same as for those individual schools.

"This is an all new accountability model, and we are still digging into what it means," said Robb Smith, superintendent of Bellevue Independent Schools. "Last year we were either distinguished or proficient; now we have stars. By our anecdotal evidence, we are only getting stronger. I would caution the general public against making judgments about the system because it will change next year also. I have cautioned our teaching staff not to let one piece of data determine their self-esteem. That being said, I am really proud that our graduation rate is 100 percent. I believe that to be a testament to the viable options after graduation. I am also proud that we haven't allowed holistic scores to let us rest, or defeat us. Also, we anticipated some of our scores, and over the summer we made some changes in our instructional program to address certain subjects. We are committed to focus on individual strengths, so we will dig in even harder to develop the individual strengths of our students. We are pleased and ready to get back to work."

Other notes: Bellevue High School had an attendance rate of 94.2 percent. 79.8 percent of its students are classified as economically disadvantaged. 8.5 percent of students are classified as "gifted and talented". 21.2 percent of students have "behavior events".

Boone County

District - 

High 3-star

Proficiency: 71 (High)

Separate Academic: 71.4 (High)

Transition Readiness: 70.4 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 94.5 (Medium)

Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 77.2 (High)

Separate Academic 64.8 (Medium)

Growth: 53 (Medium)

Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 75.5 (Medium)

Separate Academic 65.4 (Medium)

Growth 60.9 (High)

Individual schools - 

A.M. Yealey Elementary 2-star

Proficiency: 67.2 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 52.2 (Low)

Growth: 51 (Low)

Burlington Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 71.5 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 58 (Low)

Growth: 59.6 (Medium)

Charles H. Kelly Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 77.9 (High)

Separate Academic: 78.5 (High)

Growth: 62.9 (High)

Chester Goodridge Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 75.3 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 55.6 (Low)

Growth: 65.6 (High)

Erpenbeck Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 92.5 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 79.8 (High)

Growth: 53.9 (Low)

Florence Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 58.2 (Low)

Separate Academic: 55.8 (Low)

Growth: 70.1 (Very High)

Hillard Collins Elementary 2-star

Proficiency: 49.7 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 45.9 (Very Low)

Growth: 60 (High)

Longbranch Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 83.5 (High)

Separate Academic: 70.2 (Medium)

Growth: 67.2 (High)

New Haven Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 82.1 (High)

Separate Academic: 72.1 (High)

Growth: 60.1 (High)

North Pointe Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 84 (High)

Separate Academic: 72.1 (High)

Growth: 63.9 (High)

Ockerman Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 67.7 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 63.8 (Medium)

Growth: 73.4 (Very High)

Shirley Mann Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 89.2 (High) 

Separate Academic: 83.6 (Very High)

Growth: 57.1 (Medium)

Stephens Elementary 2-star

Proficiency: 68.6 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 53.3 (Low)

Growth: 51.7 (Low)

Thornwilde Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 83.9 (High)

Separate Academic: 76.8 (High)

Growth: 54.8 (Low)

Ballyshannon Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 84.7 (High)

Separate Academic: 74.4 (High)

Growth: 48.8 (Low)

Camp Ernst Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 74 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 58 (Low)

Growth: 52.6 (Medium)

Conner Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 87 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 71.3 (High)

Growth: 56.2 (Medium)

Gray Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 88.3 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 74.5 (High)

Growth: 54.3 (Medium)

Ockerman Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 79.2 (High)

Separate Academic: 73.3 (High)

Growth: 58.4 (High)

Rector A. Jones 1-star

Proficiency: 47.5 (Low)

Separate Academic: 36.9 (Very Low)

Growth: 47.2 (Low)

Boone Co. High 3-star

Proficiency: 60 (Low)

Separate Academic: 73.1 (High)

Transition Readiness: 58.4 (Low)

Graduation Rate: 95.5 (High)

Conner High 3-star

Proficiency: 72.7 (High)

Separate Academic: 67.7 (Medium)

Transition Readiness: 72.3 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 97.3 (Very High)

Cooper High 3-star

Proficiency: 74.1 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 70.9 (High)

Transition Readiness: 83.2 (High)

Graduation Rate: 97.9 (Very High)

Larry A. Ryle High 4-star

Proficiency: 78.8 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 76.8 (Very High)

Transition Readiness: 77.8 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 94.4 (Medium)

Despite repeated requests, Boone County Schools declined to release a statement to The River City News about the district's performance in the new state accountability system.

Other notes: District-wide, Boone County had an attendance rate of 94.5 percent and 38.6 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 11.8 percent are classified as "gifted and talented" and the district had a graduation rate of 94.5 percent.

Campbell County

District -

High 3-star

Proficiency: 74.8 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 77.7 (Very High)

Transition Readiness: 79.2 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 97.5 (Very High)

Middle 2-star

Proficiency: 71.2 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 62.4 (Medium)

Growth: 43 (Very Low)

Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 83.2 (High)

Separate Academic: 75.1 (High)

Growth: 56.7 (Medium)

Individual schools - 

Campbell Ridge Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 78.6 (High)

Separate Academic: 76.8 (High)

Growth: 54.8 (Low)

Crossroads Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 80 (High)

Separate Academic: 71.1 (Medium) 

Growth: 59.3 (Medium)

Editor's note and correction: An earlier version of this story included data from a different Crossroads Elementary in Kentucky, and not the one in Cold Spring that is part of Campbell County Schools. The numbers have been updated to reflect the results from the correct school. RCN apologizes for and regrets the error.

Donald E. Cline Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 89.3 (High)

Separate Academic: 70.2 (Medium)

Growth: 48.4 (Low)

Grant's Lick Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 87.2 (High)

Separate Academic: 74.5 (High)

Growth: 64.7 (High)

John W. Reiley Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 86.2 (High)

Separate Academic: 82 (Very High)

Growth: 56.5 (Medium)

Campbell Co. Middle 2-star

Proficiency: 71.3 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 62.6 (Medium)

Growth: 42.9 (Very Low)

Campbell Co. High 3-star

Proficiency: 75.3 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 77.7 (Very High)

Transition Readiness: 79.4 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 97.9 (Very High)

“Campbell County School District continues to demonstrate a tradition of excellence,” said Superintendent Dr. David Rust. “Recognizing we have targeted areas for growth, we are pleased that our latest scores demonstrate that we are advancing in our mission to do 'Whatever It Takes' to ensure our students are prepared for college, career and life.”

“Last year’s focused effort on transition readiness – all students demonstrating academic or career readiness upon graduation - led to marked improvement at Campbell County High School," Rust said. "We are proud of this.” 

“Our staff, including principals, teachers, cafeteria workers and transportation staff, work hard every day to give our students the best education possible,” said Dr. Rust.  “The Campbell County School District is committed to excellence. We attribute these exemplary scores to a district-wide focus on well-planned, high-level academic instruction and an intentional focus on meeting the social and emotional needs of every child.”

Other notes: The district had an attendance rate of 95.6 percent and 47.7 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 17.3 percent are classified as "gifted and talented" and the district had a graduation rate of 97.5 percent.

Covington Independent

District - 

High 1-star

Proficiency: 29.4 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 47.9 (Very Low)

Transition Readiness: 59.6 (Low)

Graduation Rate: 84.2 (Very Low)

Middle 1-star

Proficiency: 48.7 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 41.3 (Very Low)

Growth: 41.3 (Very Low)

Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 63.1 (Low)

Separate Academic: 62.6 Medium

Growth: 58.5 (Medium)

Individual schools - 

Glenn O. Swing 5-star

Proficiency: 86.5 (High)

Separate Academic: 91.5 (Very High)

Growth: 71.5 (Very High)

John G. Carlisle 3-star

Proficiency: 61.8 (Low)

Separate Academic: 57.5 (Low)

Growth: 57.2 (Medium)

Latonia Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 70.3 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 59.6 (Low)

Growth: 51 (Low)

Ninth District 1-star

Proficiency: 38.1 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 42.6 (Very Low)

Growth: 41.4 (Very Low)

Sixth District 3-star

Proficiency: 55.9 (Low)

Separate Academic: 57.9 (Low)

Growth: 66.8 (High)

Holmes Middle 1-star

Proficiency: 49.3 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 41.9 (Very Low)

Growth: 41.6 (Very Low)

Holmes High 1-star

Proficiency: 30.5 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 48.5 (Very Low)

Transition Readiness: 61.1 (Low)

Graduation Rate: 92.7 (Low)

Covington Superintendent Alvin Garrison applauded Glenn O. Swing Elementary as one of the top-scoring elementary schools in the state. “The staff and students at Glenn O. work hard and their efforts are reflected in the high marks they received from the state,’’ said Garrison. “We are proud of the students, parents, teachers and staff of Glenn O. Swing.  Their dedication and determination once again, show that great things can happen in our school system.’’

The district, in a statement, referred to the assessment overall as "mixed outcomes".

"While most of our schools did extremely well, we know we have plenty of room to grow at Holmes High School, Holmes Middle School, and Ninth District Elementary as they each scored 1-Star on the state assessments," the statement said.

Garrison said the district is strengthening its curriculum and academic and behavior interventions to ensure students receive a world-class education regardless of what school they may attend in the district.

Other notes: Covington had a district-wide attendance rate of 95.2 percent. 88.9 percent of students in the district are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 5.4 percent of students are classified as "gifted and talented". The district had a graduation rate of 84.2 percent.


Dayton Independent

District -

High 3-star

Proficiency: 45.5 (Low)

Separate Academic: 59 (Low)

Transition Readiness: 92 (Very High)

Graduation Rate: 90.5 (Low)

Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 71.3 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 58 (Low)

Growth: 53 (Medium)

Elementary 2-star

Proficiency: 52.5 (Low)

Separate Academic: 53.9 (Low)

Growth: 65.6 (High)

Lincoln Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 59.5 (Low)

Separate Academic: 54.6 (Low)

Growth: 67.6 (High)

Dayton Middle 2-star

Proficiency: 67.4 (Low)

Separate Academic: 58 (Low)

Growth: 44.5 (Very Low)

Dayton High 

Same numbers as listed above under "high school".

"We are pleased with the overall scores," said Jay Brewer, superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools. "We are proud of the growth we've seen. Obviously there are areas where we need to do better. You're always going to have some highs and some lows, but we are continuing to grow. Two areas that really stand out this year, that we are especially proud of, is the growth in reading and math in our elementary school, and the transition readiness scores in the high school which came back really high. The elementary scores are important because of how far they have come, and the transition readiness scores have definitely improved."

Other notes: Dayton had an attendance rate of 93.9 percent and 76.6 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 18.5 percent of students are classified as "gifted and talented". The district had a graduation rate of 90.5 percent.


District -

High 2-star

Proficiency: 50 (Low)

Separate Academic: 64.8 (Medium)

Transition Readiness: 70.2 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 92.4 (Low)

Middle 1-star

Proficiency: 58.8 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 49.4 (Very Low)

Growth: 46.7 (Low)

Elementary 2-star

Proficiency: 56.1 (Low)

Separate Academic: 56.1 (Low)

Growth: 54.3 (Low)

Individual schools - 

Arnett Elementary 2-star 

Proficiency: 46.2 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 46.2 (Very Low)

Growth: 52.6 (Low)

Howell Elementary 2-star

Proficiency: 45.8 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 48 (Very Low)

Growth: 47.7 (Very Low)

Lindeman Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 68.1 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 70.8 (Medium)

Growth: 61.3 (High)

Miles Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 65.3 (Low)

Separate Academic: 62.6 (Medium)

Growth: 57 (Medium)

Tichenor Middle 2-star

Proficiency: 59.5 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 50.5 (Very Low) 

Growth: 47 (Low)

Lloyd High 3-star

Proficiency: 52.5 (Low)

Separate Academic: 65.9 (Medium)

Transition Readiness: 72.5 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 96.2 (High)

"With our high school and two other schools achieving 3 stars and our other three schools achieving 2 stars, we certainly have things to celebrate as we also have no federal classifications of ATSI or CSI and no significant gap groups with any of our sixteen sub-populations," said Erlanger-Elsmere Superintendent Dr. Kathy Burkhardt. "Our high school graduation rate continues to rise as the 5-year cohort graduation rate is 95.9. We also know we have areas in which we will work for continuous improvement. As always we will stay focused on the needs of all students as whole students. We will continue to personalize our students' learning through utilizing their strengths to increase achievement in their individual areas for growth in order for them thrive and succeed to reach their hopes and dreams."

Other notes: The district had an attendance rate of 94.8 percent. 70.7 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 8.4 percent are classified as "gifted and talented". The district had a graduation rate of 92.4 percent.

Fort Thomas Independent

District -

High 4-star

Proficiency: 90 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 81.1 (Very High)

Transition Readiness: 86.8 (High)

Graduation Rate: 98.2 (Very High)

Middle 4-star

Proficiency: 91.3 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 77.9 (High)

Growth: 46.2 (Low)

Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 92.6 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 90.3 (Very High)

Growth: 56.1 (Medium)

Individual schools - 

Johnson Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 89.5 (High)

Separate Academic: 91.4 (Very High)

Growth: 53 (Low)

Moyer Elementary 5-star

Proficiency: 93.3 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 90.6 (Very High)

Growth: 57.2 (Medium)

Woodfill Elementary 5-star

Proficiency: 94.8 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 88.3 (Very High)

Growth: 57.9 (Medium)

Highlands Middle 4-star

(same numbers as above under middle school)

Highlands High 4-star

(same numbers as above under high school)

"Once again we are very proud of the academic progress of our students," said Fort Thomas Independent Schools Superintendent Dr. Karen Cheser. "This is the third year we are focusing on the twenty-first century skills, work habits, and character traits, such as creative problem-solving that are critically important for success. We understand that it takes committed teachers and strong leaders to help us achieve the goals we have for our students. There are only a handful of districts in the state who have received 4 or 5 stars for all of their schools. All five of our schools have either scored four or five stars. Our high school has four stars and has a disability group, and two of our elementary schools are 5-star while one is a four-star. Our middle school is four-star. We work hard to make sure every single student meets the transition readiness standards. We continue to work on the skills that it takes to make our students successful in school and after school. We are trying to give all of our students an abundance of opportunities, to help them be well rounded and successful."

Other notes: Fort Thomas had an attendance rate of 96.9 percent and an "economically disadvantaged" population of 8.6 percent. 15.6 percent are classified as "gifted and talented". The graduation rate was 98.2 percent.

Kenton County

District - 

High 3-star

Proficiency: 68.4 (High) 

Separate Academic: 68.8 (Medium)

Transition Readiness: 70.6 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 94.9 (Medium)

Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 78.2 (High)

Separate Academic: 68.5 (Medium)

Growth: 50.9 (Low)

Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 80.5 (High)

Separate Academic: 75.7 (High)

Growth: 59.3 (Medium)

Individual schools - 

Beechgrove Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 74.4 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 71.2 (Medium)

Growth: 56.7 (Medium)

Ft. Wright Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 72 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 73.5 (High)

Growth: 52.3 (Low)

James A. Caywood Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 79.7 (High)

Separate Academic: 71 (Medium)

Growth: 61.6 (High)

Kenton Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 84.1 (High)

Separate Academic: 80.3 (Very High)

Growth: 64.2 (High)

Piner Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 85.9 (High)

Separate Academic: 76.6 (High)

Growth: 57 (Medium)

R.C. Hinsdale Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 85.9 (High)

Separate Academic: 80.4 (Very High)

Growth: 51.5 (Low)

River Ridge Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 79.2 (High)

Separate Academic: 83.5 (Very High)

Growth: 59.9 (Medium)

Ryland Heights Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 83.2 (High)

Separate Academic: 74.6 (High)

Growth: 77.9 (Very High)

Summit View Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 76.5 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 78.3 (High)

Growth: 51.5 (Low)

Taylor Mill Elementary 4-star

Proficiency: 78 (High)

Separate Academic: 68.2 (Medium)

Growth: 76.5 (Very High)

White's Tower Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 90.9 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 72 (High)

Growth: 46.4 (Very Low)

Summit View Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 80.5 (High)

Separate Academic: 70.2 (High)

Growth: 59.1 (High)

Turkeyfoot Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 76 (High)

Separate Academic: 67.5 (Medium)

Growth: 47.1 (Low)

Twenhofel Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 81.3 (High)

Separate Academic: 71.7 (High)

Growth: 48.8 (Low)

Woodland Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 75.6 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 64.8 (Medium)

Growth: 50.9 (Low)

Dixie Heights High 3-star

Proficiency: 69.7 (High)

Separate Academic: 70.9 (High)

Transition Readiness: 73.5 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 95 (High)

Scott High 2-star

Proficiency: 62.2 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 65.3 (Medium)

Transition Readiness: 53.1 (Very Low)

Graduation Rate: 92.8 (Low)

Simon Kenton High 4-star

Proficiency: 70.7 (High)

Separate Academic: 68.9 (Medium)

Transition Readiness: 77.8 (Medium)

Graduation Rate: 96 (High)

“It is important that we celebrate all of the positive results with our team and our amazing kids while maintaining a ‘growth mindset’ to ensure we continue to progress toward our goals,” said Dr. Henry Webb, superintendent. “One of our goals is to be a 5-Star School District and that each school is 5-star. Why? Our mission is to ensure every KCSD student is transition ready and prepared for the 21st century economy. We strive to grow to ensure every KCSD kid receives a world class education.”

Other notes: The district had a 95.8 percent attendance rate and 42.7 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 20 percent are classified as "gifted and talented". The graduation rate is 94.9 percent.

Ludlow Independent

District -

High 3-star

Proficiency: 65.5 (High)

Separate Academic: 82.7 (Very High)

Transition Readiness: 67.2 (Low)

Graduation Rate: 98.3 (Very High)

Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 68.9 (Low)

Separate Academic: 69.3 (Medium)

Growth: 53 (Medium)

Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 76.4 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 62.1 (Medium)

Growth: 62.2 (High)

Individual schools - 

Mary A. Goetz Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 73.4 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 62.1 (Medium)

Growth: 55.7 (Medium)

Ludlow Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 70.7 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 69.3 (Medium)

Growth: 57.3 (High)

Ludlow High 3-star

Same numbers as listed above under "high school".

"With this being the first year for the star rating system, we are pleased that all three of our schools are rated three stars," said Ludlow Superintendent Mike Borchers. "We are excited that two of our schools are very close to receiving a four-star rating. Our teachers and staff work extremely hard to offer all of our students a great educational experience and this is only one of the many measures that we use to evaluate our programs."

Other notes: The district had a 94.8 percent attendance rate. 69.4 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 12.3 percent are classified as "gifted and talented". The graduation rate was 98.3 percent.


District -

High 2-star

Proficiency: 39.3 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 51.5 (Low)

Transition Readiness: 80.4 (High)

Graduation Rate: 96.7 (High)

Middle 1-star

Proficiency: 55.2 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 42.8 (Very Low)

Growth: 53.4 (Medium)

Elementary 1-star

Proficiency: 42.7 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 33.4 (Very Low)

Growth: 47.9 (Very Low)

Individual schools - 

Newport Primary 1-star

Proficiency: 44.5 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 33.4 (Very Low)

Growth: 49.5 (Low)

Newport Intermediate 1-star

Proficiency: 44.5 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 33.4 (Very Low)

Growth: 49.5 (Very Low

Note: Newport Primary and Intermediate are scored as the same.

Newport Middle 2-star

Proficiency: 58.1 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 42.8 (Very Low)

Growth: 53.7 (Medium)

Newport High 2-star

Same numbers as above listed under "high school".

"Focusing on the positive, the first thing is that our high school and middle school have exited CSI," said Newport Independent Schools Superintendent Kelly Middleton. "Our intermediate school, which is grades 3, 4, 5, and 6, is in CSI, but we believe that is because we had so many personnel issues and turmoil in that school last year. But we have a new principal, assistant principal, and coach now, and I can already tell that we will do much better on scores next year. Our graduation rate is 96.7, and that's what we're all about. Our transition readiness is above 80 percent and that's a good number. We have 14 different pathways for our college and career readiness now, and we are proud of that.  

"Now, we also have to improve our writing scores up and down the line. We need to improve our proficiency scores across the board. All in all, we are encouraged by our growth numbers, but we know we have work to do to improve our scores. I have been through many changes in state scoring: KERA, CATs, KPrep, and now they have stars and all that. Preparing our students for the future, that's what we aim for."

Other notes: The district had a 93.8 percent attendance rate and 89.2 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 6.9 percent of students are classified as "gifted and talented". The graduation rate is 96.7 percent.

Silver Grove Independent

Note: This district, which operated all schools under the name "Silver Grove", closed after last year, with its students now part of Campbell County Schools as of this academic year. These results are from the district's final year in operation.

District - 

High 2-star

Proficiency: 40.2 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 47.9 (Very Low)

Transition Readiness: 67.9 (Low)

Graduation Rate: 80.2 (Very Low)

Middle 1-star

Proficiency: 35.2 (Very Low)

Separate Academic: 34.2 (Very Low)

Growth: 40.7 (Low)

Elementary 2-star

Proficiency: 55.7 (Low)

Separate Academic: 36.7 (Very Low)

Growth: 53.4 (Low)

Other notes: The district had an attendance rate of 93.4 percent. 79.1 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 13.6 percent are classified as "gifted and talented". The graduation rate was 80.2 percent.

Southgate Independent

Note: This district only operates through the eighth grade.

Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 71 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 69.6 (Medium)

Growth: 53 (Medium)

Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 71.3 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 52.4 (Low)

Growth: 55.6 (Medium)

"We think our scores are solid scores," said Greg Duty, superintendent of Southgate Schools. "At Southgate, we are focusing on literacy from preschool through 8th grade, and we even extend that focus to our families who have children birth to 3 years old. We know if kids can't read they will never get to where they need to be. There is a direct correlation in literacy to all the testing. So, we are focusing on the individual student, and meeting their needs, and that way we will grow the student and that improvement will show in test scores. We know we still have work to do, there are definitely areas of growth to concentrate on. But we have high expectations, and Southgate is getting the job done. Our middle school was very close to being a four-star school. We know one size doesn't fit all when it comes to kids, so we are growing our kids individually, that's our goal. Overall, we are pleased with our scores."

Other notes: Southgate had an attendance rate of 95.7 percent and 74.9 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 25.1 percent are classified as "gifted and talented". 

Walton-Verona Independent

Note: All schools in this district are known as Walton-Verona, and the district scores are the same as for the individual schools.

District - 

High 5-star

Proficiency: 74.8 (Very High)

Separate Academic: 82.4 (Very High)

Transition Readiness: 85 (High)

Graduation Rate: 97.3 (Very High)

Middle 3-star

Proficiency: 77.5 (High)

Separate Academic: 78 (High)

Growth: 54.5 (Medium)

Elementary 3-star

Proficiency: 74.2 (Medium)

Separate Academic: 69.2 (Medium)

Growth: 50.3 (Low)

"We are thrilled with the results," said Dr. Matt Baker, superintendent of Walton-Verona Independent Schools. "We are fortunate to have outstanding students, wonderful teachers, and great principals, as well as a supportive community. We don't chase test scores, as a rule. We believe they are a byproduct of having such good students, teachers, principals, and a supportive community. Our highest priority is meeting the needs of our students, and we believe when you do that, the byproduct is high test scores. We are proud that all of our schools scored high, and we are particularly proud of our high school, which scored very high. We are elated with the results!"

Other notes: The district had an attendance rate of 96.3 percent. 40 percent of students are classified as "economically disadvantaged". 13.8 percent are listed as "gifted and talented". The graduation rate is 97.3 percent.

Written by Michael Monks and Patricia A. Scheyer for The River City News

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