41071 ZIP Code Among Kentucky's Most Expensive for Renters

Eight of the most expensive ZIP codes for renters are located in Louisville, with one in Lexington, and the other one mostly in Newport.

That's according to data released Thursday by RENTCafe, which compiled its annual list of the nation's most expensive ZIP codes for renters. The online apartment-news publication analyzed nearly 7,000 U.S. ZIP codes, it said, and looked at rent prices in 17 million apartments.

The most expensive ZIP code in Kentucky is found in Louisville's Highlands and Cherokee Triangle area where rents rose by 5.5 percent year over year to an average of $1,324 in July.

The 41071 ZIP code, which includes Newport and parts of Wilder and Southgate, landed as number-eight on the list of Kentucky's most expensive for renters. The average rent in the ZIP code was $1,079 in July.

Newport has seen a boom in the construction of new apartment buildings, particularly along its riverfront and central business district.

A Lexington ZIP code landed at number seven, while Louisville ZIP codes filled out the rest of the top ten.

Manhattan's 10282 ZIP code in Battery Park City is the nation's most expensive, with average rents above $6,000, more than 4.5-times higher than Kentucky's most expensive.

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