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Ohio River Reopens to Boat, Commercial Traffic After Yacht Club Destruction

Pleasure and commercial boat traffic was closed along the Ohio River for more than thirty-six hours following Wednesday morning's destruction of the Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club, which was struck by a barge before sunrise.

Traffic reopened around 8 p.m. Thursday.

Kenton County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management director Steve Hensley said a lot of large debris floated into the channel, creating a hazard for water travel.

"It wasn't safe for commercial or pleasure crafts," Hensley told The River City News in a text message. "The Coast Guard makes the call to close and reopen."

That call to reopen came late Thursday evening, as Northern Kentucky copes with losing one of its riverfront landmarks.

Officials estimated damage costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some calculating that the yacht club would be a total loss.

The yacht club's ownership has not yet spoken publicly about what happened, or what the future holds.

Investigators have not yet said what led a barge on Wednesday morning to drift off course and smash into the yacht club and a dozen personal boats.

That investigation is ongoing.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo by Connor Wall, associate editor