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Edgewood Agrees to Participate in Program to Assist Homeowners Experiencing Water Damage

The City of Edgewood agreed to participate in Sanitation District 1's program that splits the cost for a homeowner who experienced water damage.

The costs are broken into thirds, paid for by the homeowner, SD1, and the city.

City Administrator Brian Dehner explained that the Oberschlake family had been dealing with water damage for years and submitted evidence to the city that the storm water system is the culprit.

A contractor determined that recent damage suffered by the family amounted to $12,000.

Edgewood city council agreed to pay the city's portion in kind and cash, but then had to make a decision if it wanted to have a program in the city, which would mean other residents could decide to see if they could get relief for their water problems.

Council decided to go with the SD1 program this year, but to cap the amount the city could pay at $10,000, the same cap that SD-1 has.

In other news, Councilman Ron Thelen talked about installing safety nets at the Presidents Park and Freedom Park ball fields. He said there had been some near misses for people nearly hit by foul balls because the fences are low. Dehner said he would see if a company could take a look at the issue and conduct an analysis.

Edward Zimmer, of Beech Street, asked when his street would be fixed. He said it had gotten worse since a prior promise of repairs.

Mayor John Link said engineers have been to Beech and bids would be opened on the project. He said the street would be taken care of soon.

Mayor Link also said that the city would be hosting the Kenton County Mayors Group on October 19th. 

Halloween hours were set for October 31, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor