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Late Senator Dick Roeding to Be Memorialized Along Buttermilk Pike

Part of Buttermilk Pike was dedicated Friday to late State Senator Richard "Dick" Roeding.

Ft. Mitchell Mayor Jude Hehman said the idea was sparked by a small argument between him and Lakeside Park Mayor David Jansing, who also serves as an assistant fire chief in Ft. Mitchell, about which of their cities could claim Roeding as their own.

The Republican represented the 11th Senate District from 1991 to 2008. He died in 2017 at the age of 86.

Hehman and Jansing concluded that since Roeding spent parts of his adult life in both cities, they could settle on "Fort Lakeside".

A crowd gathered Friday in honor of Roeding at the Ft. Mitchell city building.

State Senator John Schickel (R-Union), the current occupant of the 11th District's seat, said that Roeding always believed that constituents come first

“Dick was loved in Boone County,” Schickel said. “If Kenton County and Boone County ever came together on anything, it was today.”

A proclamation was read at the ceremony dedicating the strip of road to Roeding’s legacy, and declaring Oct. 18 Dick Roeding Day in Fort Mitchell and Lakeside Park.

Mayor Hehman also stated that Roeding’s name will be etched into Fort Mitchell’s Wall of Honor in Oct. of 2020. 

“Dick Roeding was one of the highest-rated senators on the state senate, and the crowd here is a testament to how great of a man he was,” said State Senator Chris McDaniel (R-Taylor Mill). “He was down-to-earth and he left a legacy that makes this bigger than a simple road-dedication.”

The ceremony concluded with a prayer, and a story told by Mayor Jansing.

“I once asked Dick how serving on Lakeside Park’s city council compared to being a state senator,” Jansing said. “He said ‘oh, I love it here - you guys actually pass a budget.’”

Written by Connor Wall, associate editor

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