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Ludlow Students Create Broadcast Outlet When PA System Fails


Technical difficulties led Ludlow students to help implement a new method for delivering announcements at Mary A. Goetz Elementary School.

Principal Jason Steffen told the Ludlow Board of Education on Thursday that earlier in the school year, the public address (PA) system failed to work and he was relegated to delivering the day's news over a rigged phone system.

He had help from some sixth grade students, and the steps were repeated on multiple days.

Students decided to work with Steffen to come up with a new system: WLUD, a broadcast station of sorts where students would announce the news.

Steffen said the plan is to have different students serve as announcers each quarter, with younger students also being included through special features.

When the Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club was destroyed earlier this month by a wayward barge, WLUD included news footage of Superintendent Michael Borchers and a student on location talking about what happened.

Steffen said WLUD is expected to be a permanent part of the school's morning routine.

In other news, Borchers presented a report on the recent state accountability results for the district. He noted that Ludlow was the lone River City district to have all of its schools rated three stars or better. Borchers said the high school's on-demand writing score was tops in the state at 103.7. 

Borchers said there are no novice-rated students in the high school. He told the board there was a solid jump in math in both the elementary and the middle schools.

He also pointed out that Ludlow High School is in the 81 percentile for ACT scores statewide, and ranked 7 in the Northern Kentucky region.

The district would shoot for four star-ratings next year, Borchers said.

Borchers has a plan in mind to create a 15-member team that would make sure the needs of all students are being met, and that the instructors are not just teaching to one data point. He envisions a dashboard of what the district currently has and where it should put the resources in order to strengthen places that need work.

"We have the ability to get to where we want to be," Borchers said. "I am very proud of the how the students and the staff did this year."

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor