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GO Pantry Adds New Junior Board, Ambassadors from Local Schools

GO Pantry announced new junior board members and ambassadors from local high schools.

The pantry provides meals for students in need.

Leadership positions for students at GO Pantry provide opportunities in community service and collaboration with the organization's board of directors.

GO Pantry board president Bonnie Rickert, board member Dr. Holly Danneman, and St. Hentry High School student and 2018 junior board member Griffin Gould led the selection process for the incoming junior board and ambassadors.

After interviewing many candidates, the following students were selected based on their applications, interviews, school achievements and previous volunteer service in the community, the organization said:

Junior Board Members

Griffin Gould, St. Henry District High School, 2018, 2019

Jacob Schulte, Covington Catholic High School, 2019

Vincent Croyle, St. Henry District High School, 2019


Ben Dropic, Villa Madonna Academy

Annie Heuker, Notre Dame Academy

Lily Lown, Ryle High School

Corinne Mozea, Ignite Academy

Rachel Raziano, Villa Madonna Academy

Matthew Setters, St Henry District High School

Dr. Holly Danneman will assume a leadership of both programs for GO Pantry.

“As most know, GO Pantry mission is to feed food insecure children in Northern Kentucky," Danneman said. "We work closely with schools’ resource officers to identify needy children. Creation and development of Junior Board and Ambassador programs is an important part of our “kids feed kids” program. Initially all started with kids raising funds and bringing food through school food drivers, and now has involved in raising future leaders that will one day take our place.”

“These students have already demonstrated a dedication to serving GO Pantry and we looking forward to working with them. The new ideas they bring to GP and their voice at our schools will help educate our community on the unfortunate need kids have for food,” said Rickert.

-Staff report