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Dayton Teachers to Receive Pay Raise

The Dayton Board of Education approved a raise of $500 for all full-time employees and $250 for part-time employees.

The raises will paid out in a one-time payment this year, and then spread out next year.

Superintendent Jay Brewer said school districts typically give pay raises in the spring, but he wants to see where the finances and student population are after next summer break.

He said if the district loses students over the summer, the budget could be impacted.

The board also approved the formation of a district legislative advocacy committee, made up of several people who will keep tabs on decisions made in Frankfort on issues related to education. 

Meanwhile, results from the kindergarten screening tests were made available. The total number of students deemed to be kindergarten-ready came in at 46 percent. Brewer said the number has gone up since the 2013-14 school year when only 28 percent were deemed kindergarten-ready.

The state average is roughly 50 percent, Brewer said.

Dayton has been has high as 57 percent.

The number of students with early childhood education experience has been steadily increasing, too. In 2013-14, the number was 68 percent and this year it is up to 85 percent. Brewer said that is an all-time high for the district.

The Drug-Free Club is up to 200 members, also an all-time high. Students in grades 7 through 12 sign up each year and pledge to remain drug-free.

The district also thanked Samaritan's Feet for visiting and giving 600 new pairs of shoes to students in preschool through sixth grade.


Lincoln Elementary

K - Grant Allen, Jaxon Oder, Francisco Garcia

1 - Jaida Connley, Jasmine Perez-Lightfoot, Luke Sturgeon, Tiona Donnerson

2 - Peyton Benge, Madden Baldwin, Collin Spradlin

3 - Hunner Hatch, Makayla Hamblin, Madalin Richardson

4 - Zoe Hedger

5 - John Thompson

6 - Duncan Riley

Principal's Pick - Harli Smith, Shaun Puchta

Dayton High School


7 - Aaliyah Horton

8 - Owen Overan

9 - Riley Davies

10 - Joe Klosterman

11 - Brian Raleigh

12 - Alexis Heaner

Athlete of the Month - Laci Davis

Artist of the Month - Lexie Dyas

Middle School Football Champions

Head Coach - Eugene Hamblin

Asst Coaches - Derek Tiemeyer, Brian Fromeyer

Tyler Caldwell

Eric Puchta

Caden Hamblin

Peyton Young

Sammy Garcia

Cayden Evans

Blake Puchta

Chad Nickell

Peyton Hopper

Caleb Crutchfield

Mason Johnson

DeAngelo Jimenez

Landon Graham

Nicholas Stevens

Joel Bryant

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor

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