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Op-Ed: Judges/Executive Support Gov. Bevin's Reelection Campaign

The following op-ed is written by Boone County Judge/Executive Gary Moore, Campbell County Judge/Executive Steve Pendery, and Kenton County Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann.

We’re writing today to urge you to vote for Governor Matt Bevin on Tuesday, November 5.  

When our parents’ generation went to war in 1941, they left a state that was nearly identical in population to our neighbor to the south, Tennessee. Seventy-plus years later, Tennessee has 6.8 million residents, and Kentucky has only 4.5 million. Why has Tennessee, so similar in location, size and natural resources, grown so much while Kentucky languished? In large part, it’s because we endured decades of bad policy and poor gubernatorial leadership in Frankfort.  That is, until Governor Matt Bevin and his team arrived in 2015.

The numbers are straight-forward and compelling. More Kentuckians are working than ever before.  We have the lowest unemployment rate in the Commonwealth’s history. Year after year, we’ve set new records for capital investment and job creation.  A record 57,000 new jobs, a record $22.3 billion in committed new business investment, a record $111 billion in exports… we could go on, but no one disputes the unparalleled record of economic development compiled by Governor Matt Bevin.

It’s not just about numbers, though.  In our experience, there has never been an administration so dedicated to, and focused on, doing their job. A short op-ed cannot do justice to Governor Bevin’s role as a change agent in our Commonwealth’s government. There are so many occasions we can recall when, anytime of the day or on the weekend, Governor Bevin and his team got involved in a problem or responded to an economic development opportunity, and made a real difference.

Likewise, there’s much more to this Governor, and this administration, than just successes in the realms of economic development and governance. Governor Bevin tackled issues that prior governors avoided, including fully funding pensions for teachers and state workers to the tune of more than $1 billion in new money. He’s been a national leader in protecting the innocent, from the unborn to the uncared for. In particular, his compassion, and that of his wife, our First Lady, for foster children has been inspiring. 

It took decades of poor gubernatorial leadership to put the Commonwealth in the tough circumstances we faced in 2015.  We also know it will take decades of good governance and policy in Frankfort to recover from this legacy. Governor Bevin has made a bold and positive start on that journey.  We simply cannot reverse course and go back to business as usual if we hope to build a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

Governor Bevin demonstrated that leadership can make a difference. On November 5th, we urge you to vote for Governor Matt Bevin, so that the Commonwealth can continue to move forward toward the future we all want for Kentucky. Thank you.

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