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Edgewood Gets Good News on Dudley Road Project

Edgewood city council received an update on the ongoing Dudley Road project.

Cincinnati-based Branstetter, Carroll, Inc.'s Tim Branstetter offered an update on the engineering part of the project.

Branstetter said he was happy to report because just that day, last Monday, he had gotten an email from the state which told him the construction funds for phase one and phase two of the project were in. By January a contractor is expected to be connected to the project and would should begin in the spring, extending into the summer.

Branstetter also said authorization for phase three had some through. The Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) recommended combining phases three and four, which will now be known as phase three. 

Surveying for that portion should be finished by the end of the year.

Councilman Tony Ward asked whether it would be possible to put a turn lane into St. Pius, as well as two turn lanes from Dudley onto Turkeyfoot Road. He is hoping they can also do something that would help with the congestion of cars turning left from Dudley onto Dixie Highway.

Branstetter said they can definitely look into the cost implications and feasibility of those ideas. City Administrator Brian Dehner said traffic counts in those areas might help to determine how congested the areas are.

Branstetter also gave brief updates on other streets in the city. Brookwood Drive is scheduled to have a water main replacement, so he said they should be able to do the final work on the road by July of next year.

He said paving of Beech Drive is complete and from all reports, it looks great. Lyndale is all but wrapped up, he said.

The restroom project in Presidents Park will be bid in November, so he said his hope is that the restrooms will be finished by next summer.

Dr. Kevin McMahon, the dentist from Edgewood Dental, was present at this meeting to accept the plaque that the city had prepared for him as part of a new initiative at the city. 

Councilwoman Kim Wolking had suggested a program where periodically the city would pick a business to honor, and they decided Edgewood Dental would be the first business to honor.

Council passed a municipal order declaring the Smith and Wesson gun which was used by Officer Ed Morris as surplus. This will enable Morris, who just retired after 20 years at Edgewood, to get ownership of the gun from the city.

A brother and sister team, Matt and Megan Ruberg, rode their bikes to the city building, to address council after moving back to their hometown.

Matt told council how pleased he was with the improvements he has seen in the city. Megan also praised the improvements, but also asked if council had ever considered putting in a dog park, possibly in Presidents Park by the tennis courts.   

Mayor John Link said they have limited room, and that's where they thought the restrooms would go. He also said they always supported the dog park in Kenton County, and when he was reminded that that park had closed, he said they would look into the idea, but that there was limited space to locate it within the city.

Councilman Joe Messmer said the trees by Sperti Drive that were occluding the vision of drivers have been cut down, and he said that would give drivers a possible two to three seconds of sight on the road which could make a difference. Others agreed with the improvement but suggested more weed-cutting in the area to improve sight.

The annual tree lighting at the senior center will be December 1, at 5:30 p.m., and will feature Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Children can drop off letters to Santa at the Santa mailbox from November 18 to December 6.

Finally, December 6th is Edgewood's day at the Behringer-Crawford Museum, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor