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Ft. Wright Police Chief to Retire; Fire Chief Thanked with Bobblehead

Ft. Wright Police Chief Marc Schworer will retire on November 22. He received many positive comments and thanks at last Wednesday's city council meeting.

Councilman Bernie Wessels explained how when Chief Schworer went to the FBI academy, he came back and asked Wessels how he could get the word out to the public about attending the academy. Wessels thought about it, and came up with the idea to put Schworer's face on a bus. So at the meeting, he presented the chief with a poster of a bus with Schworer's face on it.

Mayor Dave Hatter told council that when Fire Chief Steve Schewe bought the latest fire truck from the City of Erlanger, he saved the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. He said at the time that maybe the city should build a statue of Schewe on the front lawn of the city building. Laughing, Hatter said council wouldn't go for the statue, so he did the next best thing. He produced a bobblehead of Schewe in a fireman outfit, and passed them out to all the council members.

The issue of trees around Tower Plaza was also raised at the Ft. Wright city council meeting last Wednesday.

Resident Sharon Dickman said she came to council years ago to ask about the trees after they were planted because she was concerned about them blocking the sight of the Tower Plaza sign.

Her request to raise the sign was denied.

Recently one of the Bradford pear trees split and had to be removed, and so did a second tree. A third one was trimmed down.

Seeing this, Dickman came to the meeting to ask if the embargo on the trees was still on, and since two have been removed, could the third one be removed?

Mayor Dave Hatter said those trees are in the right of way, so the city gets to decide what to do in that space.  

Hatter told Dickman he thinks Bradford pear trees are a scourge and should be eliminated, so if it were up to him she could cut down the tree. But since it is not up to him, he thought they could look into possibilities. Council tossed around some suggestions and decided Dickman and Public Works Director Jeff Bethell and the new dentist who located there should meet and decide what should be done with the remaining tree and the strip.

Encouraged, Dickman gave her number to Bethell and is looking forward to a meeting.

Mayor Hatter announced that the city has a day at the Behringer-Crawford Museum, on December 8, from 1 to 5 p.m.

He also said that there is a barrel in the lobby for people to donate their new or gently used coats for the St Vincent de Paul annual collection of coats for people who need them.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor