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NKY Kids Also Voted for Beshear

In an election that saw Kenton and Campbell counties go for the Democratic nominee for governor, results from Kids Voting also shows that young people in the region also backed Andy Beshear over Republican incumbent Matt Bevin.

Beshear was on top statewide by more than 5,000 votes when all the ballots were counted last Tuesday, but Bevin is contesting the results and asking for a recanvass.

Kids Voting votes don't actually count, but is produced by a nonprofit, nonpartisan volunteer organization that teaches young people the importance of voting.

Nearly 5,000 votes were cast by Northern Kentucky kids at precincts around the regions. Around 250 students volunteered to assemble ballot boxes, work the polls, and count the results.

From 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Election Day, kids voted at the same precinct locations where adults did throughout Kenton and Campbell counties and at several precincts in Boone County as well as all of the branches of Boone County Public Library.

Votes were cast in the elections for governor, attorney general, and secretary of state. They also weighed in on three topics.

Results were as follows:

Governor/Lt. Governor

Beshear (D): 3,008

Bevin (R): 1,611

Attorney General

Stumbos (D): 1,390

Cameron (R):  2,586

Secretary of State

Henry (D): 2.424

Adams (R): 1,649


1) Has any adult spoken to you about the impact of Juuling?

Yes:  1,938

No:  2,512

2) Do you think Military Service should be required after High School?

Yes:  1,322

No:  3.008

3) Do you feel safe in School?

Yes:  4,069

No:   362

*This question was also asked in 2018 and had similar results

Voter age:

5-8 years old:   2,184

9-12 years old:   1,747

13-17 years old:  424

-Staff report

Photo: Board Member Carri Chandler and her son, Darren, counting ballots.

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